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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy howl-o-weenie!

bloggy is being bad tonite and not taking my picktures so i will just haf to post them later. i got to be super dog for howl-o-weenie and i got lots of cookies but out of all the little peepol who came to my house with bags of candy for me, my peepol didnt let me haf any of it!

i hope all my dog friends had a happy howl-o-weenie and got more candy than i did!

Monday, October 30, 2006

a friendly brown visitor

me and my randy went out my front door to go for a walk-on-the-leash and gess wut? why there wuz a big brown guy smiling and wagging his tail at me! rite there in my own yard!

we did a little dancing and jumping around at first...

then he decided that i wuz ok and i decided that he wuz ok so we patrolled the yard for good pee spots together. we found a lot of good ones!

i dont know if i will ever see him again but i wish him good dogvenchers! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

skwerels beware!

last nite all my peepol friends came over and they all brot pumpkins! it wuz so exciting! pumpkin guts all over my floor and peepol to skratch my ears all nite long!

randy carved a speshel design into ken just for me! look! it is a skary halloween ivy dog!

ooooo! wut is this? i cuddent read it upside-down (i bet freda cud) but randy told me it wuz a skary message for evil skwerels. i said i didnt think it looked very skary... so my randy fixed it to make it a little skarier...
now that is more like it!


Monday, October 23, 2006

another geocaching dogvencher!

on the day before the day before today my lindsay and abbys mommy were out doin peepol stuff sumware else so randy and me went to abbys house and abby and her dad went geocachin with us! we are such good geofinders! we found this one out in the woods in a log
randy and abbys dad thot it wuz reelly funny to get me to balance on the thin little wood path. i didnt care wut they thot just as long as i got a cookie out of it.
we found four caches in one day! it wuz mostly becuz abby and i are so good at sniffin them out.
we found a cool bridge and had fun walking back and forth across it. danger you say? we laugh at danger! ha ha ha!

today my peepol haf been busy fixin up the place and randy keeps tellin me that i am gonna like wut they haf planned for tonite... i wonder wut it cud be?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

holy smokin vinegar!

do your peepol like to cook in your kichen?
do they like to try new and crazy sounding resepees?

well if you ever hear your peepol trying a resepee that tells them to heat up a pan reelly hot and boil venegar in it for 15 minutes... you better tell them DON'T DO IT!!!
oh my dogness wut a stinky mess that makes! venegar smoke makes your peepol coff and makes poor doggies sneeze. it makes your house into a baaaad place to be.

remember to wach your peepol carefully so they dont do sumthing that you will all regret. your peepol arent smart enuf to take care of themselves so it is up to you! do your duty! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pam is a pirate!

the day before yesterday or maybe the day before my lindsay took pam and ken out on the porch and made them pumpkin gards of my house!
pam needed a some help to look like a skary gard gourd so lindsay made her into a pirate!!

haf you ever herd of a pirate named pam before? yeah, me neither!

so i went out and sat on the porch to help pam and ken gard the house. they needed sum help becuz they are kinda stuck looking in one direction and you never know wen a cat mite sneak up behind them and burgle rite into my house!

i dont know wut will happen to ken yet but randy says he has sumthin special in mind for him later.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hikin with abby

this is the time of yeer wen peepol get all excited about the trees and theyr leaves fallin on the ground. i haf no idea wut all the fuss is about but since it means another excuse to go hikin and dog-venturin i reely dont care why!

me and my peepol went for a long ride in the car and we met my friend abby and her peepol to go for a hike in the woods! oh how i luv to go for hikes in the woods! here i am takin my turn as the trail boss.

my peepol are so wierd. they kept stoppin to look at the leaves in the trees and said how pretty they were. anydog cudda told them that the most interesting leaves are the ones on the ground with smelly stuff under them! silly peepol.

here is abby bein the boss of the mountain. we took turns but abby wuz boss most of the time. she dozent know that every time she marked a spot as the abby-is-boss-spot i came rite behind her and marked over it as the ivy-is-the-boss-spot. tee hee! dont tell abby!

here is me and my lindsay taking our turn as boss of the mountain. we cud see soooo far!

from the top of that mountain i cud smell everything on the breeze!

look look wut i found after our hike!! it is the ivy lodge! i wanted to say there but the peepol said we had to go home.

we also saw a nuke-u-ler laundry. wow! i wuz very glad that my peepol didnt want to give my toys a bath there!

wen we came home i sleeped sooooo good! i hope we can go for more hikes in the woods soon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my toys got a BATH!

uh-oh! wile i wuzzent paying attenchin my toys all disappeared! i had to look all over my house to find them...
hey guard bears! hey skweeky skwerrels! wut are you doing in there?!?
oh no! the toys musta done sumthing to make the peepol reelly mad becuz it looks like they are getting a bath!!! the peepol musta grabbed all my toys wen i wuzzent looking!
i had to wait forever before my toys came out of that crazy bathtub and wen they finally did they were all stinky and didnt smell rite at all!
hey hey toys dont worry! i will never let you out of my site again!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunday morning patrol

this morning me and my randy went patrolling around my neighborhood. we didnt see nearly as many exciting things as the army of four did on theyr patrol. but we did see a cat sniper hiding out in the bushes!

i stared him down and told him not to cause any trubble on my street. he said nothing but i think he got the message.

then we saw an evil skwerrel who ran across the street rite in front of me! he got up on a fence and yelled at me as if i were the evil invader!! the nerve of that skwerrel!

then we met a friendly brown and white guy who wuz taller than me. he decided to join us for part of our patrol but after a few houses he got tired and went home. wut a slacker!

i finished my patrol and reported back to lindsay that the neighborhood is once again safe. my peepol sher are lucky to haf me around to take care of them!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

charlie's clock

hey hey everydog! look wut i got from charlie the big dog!
now i just need my peepol to look at it and realize that it must be time for dog food for brekfest or dogfood for dinner or dogfood for snackies all the time! tee hee! thanks so much charlie! you are an evil genius! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 06, 2006

raising puppies

hey everydoggy! a peepol named rose wrote a comment on my bloggy and asked for help with puppy training. of corse the best advice is that puppies need a grown up dog to help them lern how to be a good dog but it sounds like these cute little guys are going to haf to make do with peepol for parents.
arent they cute? anyway rose wanted sum help on how to teech these guys not to dig swimming pools in theyr yard. i think they shud just let them dig of corse! my randy yells at me wen i dig and i dont like that much at all. but if you dogs haf any helpful advice for these puppies and theyr rose please leave a comment on theyr puppy blog. thanks!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

chocklit cake!

pleeze pleeze oh pleeze wont sumbody tell my peepol that chocklit is for dogs? they never ever share wif me! every time i ask to haf sum the peepol say no no ivy, chocolate is not for dogs! you wud be sick! and i say no no peepol! how can you say it wud make me sick if you haf never given me any?

but it is no use. they never let me haf even a bit!

this time my peepol made a reelly yummy smelling chocklit cake for allen on his birfday. now allen is a good friend of mine... he picked me up wen it wuz raining and he let me stay at his house wile my peepol were gone and he even gave me dog cookies. so allen deserves a nice cake.

but wut about ivy? i never get a chocklit cake for my birfday and i am such a good dog! my peepol tell me all the time that i am a good dog but they never make me a chocklit cake! is that fair?

Monday, October 02, 2006

happy pumpkin appreciation month!

happy october everydog! the month has gotten off to a busy start for me already!

first off i am the featured dog blogger of the month at the fabulous dogs with blogs website! if you havent seen it before you gotta check it out. thanks to my friend tubey for the nomination!

the lovely miss sunshade wuz the awesome blog winner and she reelly deserved it! she is the cutest and smartest superdale ever!

pam and ken haf been enjoying theyr short time of freedom and pampering while they wait for the day wen i can appreciate them!

charlie sent me this very fritening story about evil skwerrels attacking little peepol pups! warning to puppies: this is very skary stuff. dont read it if you get nitemares!

my peepol saw a dog parade and went to a dog party without me!! can you beleeve it? i thot it wuz very unfair. they said they just stumbled onto it and didnt haf time to go home and get me but i think it wuz just another plot to haf fun without ivy! stay home and be good ivy! thats wut they always say!

on a more happy note... i got a new bag of dogfood! hurray for dogfood! the best part is getting to lick the bag. mmmmm!

well i gess that is all for now. i hope all my dogfriends are hafing a good october so far!