Squirrels are Evil!

One Dog -- One Mission: To uncover the Great Squirrel Conspiracy

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas vigilance

my peepol haf become very lazy since they are partying. haf you seen how many skwerrls are out there this season?!?! my lindsay says it is their mating season. that is all the world needs... more skwerrls.

stay vigilant my dog friends.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry carrot christmas!

hey hey dog friends! i got to open the first present of christmas morning and guess wut i got?

yup! you guessed it! (or maybe you looked at the picture). I got a new skweaky carrot! it wuz the first toy that my lindsay ever gave me wen i wuz a puppy. every once in a while my carrot gets old and tired and goes away for a little while and wen he comes back, he is all new and happy again! it's a christmas miracle!
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Monday, December 22, 2008

the trojan tree!

oh dog friends! wut evil thing has come into my house? just look and see:

my peepol went out and wen they came back they brot this tree inside wif them. now everydog knows that trees do not belong inside your house, but i think this tree is even more wrong than that. i think it is the invasion vehicle of a skwerrel plot to take over my house! i know that skwerrels live in trees and they are very good at hiding in the branches. so who is to say that there aren't thousands of skwerrels hiding out in the branches of this tree just waiting for me to fall asleep so they can burst out on us! i will haf to be vigilent, dog friends. no sleep for ivy til that trojan tree is gone!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

the red man, pippin's tag, and a BONE

hey hey dog friends! my benjamin went to visit this man in red tonite. i dont know why, but lots of children come to visit him. he doesnt seem to be lonely. my benjamin looks like he is just about to take off wif those bells. tee hee!

my good friend pippin tagged me to play a game where you grab the 6th picture in the 6th folder and post it wif a story. so here is my 6th picture:

it is from halloween and i dont know wut they are except that they look yummy and i didnt get any. hmph.

last nite my peepol cooked up a steak and i got to lick the bone!

i wuz so happy but then just wen i started to crunch it my randy tried to take it away. i didnt let go of it and it wuz kinda exciting to be bad until my randy cut his finger and then i felt sorta bad. but not reelly. it wuz my bone!
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Saturday, December 06, 2008

i am such a good girl!

hey hey dog friends... you know how modest i am and how i hate to brag (tee hee!) but i just haf to tell you about how good i wuz the other nite.

my peepol came home from yet another ride-in-the-car-wifout-ivy and wen my lindsay came thru the door she wuz carrying a very sleepy benjamin in her arms. they went straight to ben's room so i snuck in behind them and watched as she rocked and snuggled and laid him down to nap. just as i was trying to get a peek of the sleeping baby (he sure is cute wen he sleeps!) i heard the door close behind me! i wuz trapped!

i didnt want to yell and wake up my poor sleepy benjamin, so i got reelly close to the crack-under-the-door and whispered 'psst! let me out of here!' as softly as i cud. nobody heard me! i listened as hard as i cud and every time i heard peepol footsteps outside the door i whispered at them. i kept hearing my randy say 'where is ivy?' and 'i think i heard her far away' but nobody knew where i wuz.

it seemed like forever before that door finally opened and my lindsay let me free! my peepol both said they were so sorry and that i wuz such a good girl. humph! they got that rite!