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Saturday, February 23, 2008

lots of stuff

just becuz i dont blog as much these days doesnt mean that nothing is happening. just this week my bp learned to jump and bounce himself in his magic levitating baby seat / doorway blockade.

this apparently makes my randy and lindsay very happy. me, not so much. wenever he starts bouncing around in that thing i haf to be on my toes to get through the doorway or else i will get squished on my way through!

my cool friend dave found a pack of beer that he said my randy wud like. hey! does turbo know you stole his beer, dave? my randy said it wuz good enuf for a president of the universe. but he still wuddent let me try any! geez!

and my friends at the cat ranch sent me another pickture of a skwerrel. this time not so much evil as silly. those skwerrels are so stupid!

tee hee!
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

sunday morning yawn

it sure is good to haf my peepol back home!

this morning i noticed that my lindsay's christmas cactus is blooming again. i wonder if my peepol even noticed. sumtimes i think i am the only one who pays attenshun to things around here

i wonder why it decided to bloom now? it isnt christmas. oh, maybe it is blooming in memory of the santa claws that i ate.

poor santa.
poor fuzzy, tasty santa claws.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

marooned with abby!

my peepol did it again! they took off for fun an adventures in the car and left me all by myself. no, worse than by myself - they left me wif abby again!

wen they finally came to pick me up, they took me and abby back to my house! even in my own house i can't get away from abby.

i dont know ware my peepol went but i found these two pickture clues on my spy camera:

all i can guess is that they went someplace sunshiney that wuz over-run by skwerrels. hmmmm... maybe i didnt want to go there after all!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


i am sorry that i haf not had much time to read my friends dog blogs lately. for some reason my benjamin does not like to sit at the computer very much. actually not at all. he kinda screams his head off wenever we sit down to type sumthing.

anyway i finally caught up on copper's bloggy. i am so happy that copper is posting picktures of miriam cuz she is such a cute baby and hershey has not been doing his dog blog duty to post cute picktures.

copper posted a blooper pickture and asked everydog else to post theirs so here is mine:

not exactly my best side, is it?

i will try to think about thinking and write that other post that copper challenged me to next time.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i ate santa claus

oh dogfriends, i haf a confeshun to make... i ate santa claus.

i wuz staying at abbys house this weekend and i wuz feeling reelly low becuz my peepol went off and had fun in the mountains wifout me again and i just had to get my frustrashuns out on sumthing and abbys santa wuz just rite there so handy to chew on! i must admit it felt good to rip his stuffings out.

wen abbys mom and dad got home they lined us both up and asked who did it. i didnt say anything and abby wuz good enuf not to tattle on me either. whew! maybe abby is a gooder friend than i thot after all.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

evil skwerrel stuff!

oh my dogness! more evil skwerrel picktures!

this first one i got from my good friend gus and also from the cats of the cat ranch. actually they both sent it to me a while ago but it took me all this time to recover from the shock of seeing it enuf that i am able to post it on my bloggy. if you are easily fritened you had better stop reading rite now!

that is probly the skariest thing i haf seen ever! or at least this week.

the next pickture wuz sent to me by my peepol from theyr shoe phone while they were out hafing fun wifout me tonite. my lindsay found this in the candle section at target:

wut do you think it is? a shrine? a homing beacon left on earth by the dark skwerrel lord? a cleverly disguised plastic explosive device? or worse?

gosh. i thot target wuz a good dog store!