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Sunday, August 31, 2008

learning to share!

all of my subliminal, power-of-positive-thinking baby training is starting to pay off... my benjamin is learning to share his dinners with ivy!

mostly he just lets me clean off his hands, but sumtimes he throws bits of his food rite down on the floor for me to eat.
way to go benjamin! now that is wut i call progress in development!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

pretzel envy

my peepol made pretzels and sausages for dinner and guess wut my bp got? he got his own little baby pretzel!

gee that sure is cute... but did ivy get a pretzel? or a sausage? no! of corse not!

poor ivy.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cake and Pool Fun!

my peepol had another anny-nursery, and you know wut that means: cake for ivy!!

of corse those silly peepol didnt share any of the cake. humph! wen turbo is in charge, all dogs will get cake!

i did get a new pool in my own backyard:

it is a little tricky to get into it, but i am so clever that i figured it out! then my lindsay gave me a cookie for being so smart. yeah!
my pool is so cool!
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

why i haf been gone

i am sorry that i hafent written in my bloggy for a while; some of my dog friends thot that i mite be sicky or that my internet wuz down but that wuzzent it. i wuz just on vacation! i went to abby's house for a long time and we had so much fun! i wudda taken picktures but my silly peepol took the camera wif them. they had to do sumthing while i wuz on vacation so they went to the sandy eggo zoo.

here is my randy trying to convince my ben that he is a monkey. since he got back he has been making a lot of monkey noises so i guess it musta worked.

next the silly peepol tried to make my ben into a flower. this did not work cuz he still smells just the same since he came back!

here my lindsay took a turn trying to make my ben into a cowboy... er, a toadboy, if there is such a thing.

wen i saw this pickture i got upset: why is my ben petting this silly-looking dog? my randy told me that it is a goat dog and that ben pet it just once and wen they tried to get him to pet the goat dog again he screamed a loud scream and wuddent do it! that's my benjamin! only ivy gets petting! i said i wished i had been there to protect my baby but my randy said zoos are not for ivy.

here is evidence that zoos are for ivy! i didn't know sausages grew on trees! how do i get one for my backyard?

and here is another great piece of evidence that zoos are for ivy! these strange dogs are giving each other massages. zoos must be just like spas... with sausage! who wouldn't want to go to the zoo???