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Monday, January 29, 2007

viziting a mouse?!?

my peepol took me for a ride-in-the-car to abby's house and they brot my bed again and i said uh-oh! wut is happening? and then they left me there for four sleeps! wen they finally came back i said hey peepol ware did you go? and they said they went to visit a mouse!

a mouse?!? why wud they go to vizit a mouse? and i said come on peepol wut else did you do? so they showed me the picktures they took with my spy camera...

my randy got eatted by a shark! oh how skary!

and then my randy got chaseded by the giantest dog ever! run randy run!

it looks like there wuz another dog there who wuz not so big or skary...

i asked my peepol if they ate good foods without me and they said oh no ivy. nothing nearly as good as your dogfood! and i said ok then.

i am glad that i stayed wif abby. it sounds like viziting a mouse is no fun at all! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i dont like the skweeky hand!

my peepol are always doing the wierdest stuff. i will never unnerstand why. this time my randys petting hand got posessed by some sort of evil skweeky noise maker. i think the skwerrels mite haf sumthing to do wif it. wutever it wuz it made a skary noize and i didnt like it one bit! why peepol? why?

Monday, January 22, 2007

snow dog chase!

gess wut? it snowed in my backyard!! well not very much snow but hey it is better than no snow!

and my randy went out wif me to play my favrite snow game... the game is called chase me and i run fast!

o how i luv to play chase in the snow!

now all i need is two more feets of snow... and a better cameraman!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

things i luv

i luv to go for rides-in-the car becuz i see the neatest stuff. the other day i took a pickture of the sunset from my car and it wuz bouncing all around and it made the pickture come out all funny but i kinda like it better that way.

but you know wut i luv more than car rides and sunset picktures? rawhides! yeah!
life dozent get much better than eating a rawhide in your backyard on a sunny day. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 18, 2007

geocaching and a cookie from bruce!

me and my peepol went geocaching again! we went with abby and her peepol and we lookeded reelly hard for a little tiny geocache that we cuddent find last time we looked. is it in here?

maybe it is in here?

i wuz a very good helper but we didnt find that little geocache this time either. maybe next time! a keeshond never gives up!

hey hey! i went down another skary slide! but this time my randy went down wif me cuz my lindsay said it wuzzent fair to make me go down alone. thank you lindsay! i wish i cud get those peepol to unnerstand that no slides is good slides so i dont haf to go down again!

but you know wut made up for not finding the geocache and for going down that slide? i got a cookie! it wuz from cousin bruce! and it wuz the best cookie ever!!

and you know wut else? i wuz such a good girl that i even shared my cookie with abby! it wuz nice of her to let me stay at her house while my peepol were gone so i gess she deserved it.

and speaking of sharing... somedog musta shared my waitin for pretzels pickture with opy and the dogs with blogs cuz it is nominated for a photo of the month! woo hoo! thank you mystery dog for the nominashun.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

travellin peepol

my peepol went for another go-away and i had to stay with abby and her peepol. this time we got along reelly good and i wuz not so lonely for my randy and lindsay.

i gave abby a present wen i went to her house! it is a little dog bag with a pink dog jacket inside. the jacket even has a pocket so abby can carry an extra cookie wif her. how cool is that?

wile my peepol were away they saw my cousin jackie who taught me how to growl reelly good. now i am such a good growler and jackie must be so proud of me! they also visited my cousins bella and bruce and scruffy and shiloh and two puppies at the airport! wowie! i wish i cudda visited all those dogs too but i cuddent so my randy took this pickture of jackie for me.

can you beleeve that my peepol made more pretzels without me?!? all i can say is how rude! even worse they brot back picktures to taunt me with! ooooo... those pretzel picktures make me hungry!

wen my peepol went hiking to look at a river falling off a cliff they saw this sign:
of corse the sign itself is just rude... speshully becuz there were cats living at that place... but wut i reelly want to know is wut kind of dog is that on the sign?? my randy thot it mite be a dorkie and my lindsay thot it looked like a duck. wut do you think?

Friday, January 12, 2007

dog matching game!!!

hey everydog! thank you thank you for sending all your picktures so my randy cud make us a dog matching game! it is finally finished and my favorite part is wen you win and we all dance with the purple bear. tee hee!

you may notice a new dog face in there too... that wud be my little cousin bruce who just started his very own dog blog! here is a link to his new bloggy.

enjoy the game! you are the stars!

Friday, January 05, 2007

you know you are famous when...

... you have your very own zone at dogs with blogs!!

opy's SHD wuz kind enuf to make me my very own place on DWB to put my games! hurray for opy and SHD!!

i told randy that he shud make a new matching game but with my dog friends instead of my toys on it. wut do you think? if you want to be in my new matching game it is easy. just post a pickture of you that is cropped reeelly close so we can see your face very well that is 60 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall and put a link to the pickture in your comment to this post.

randy said he will give it about a week to give you all time to submit picktures and then he will make a new vershun of the game just for my dog friends! woo hoo!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

pretzel watchin'

me and my lindsay are watchin' for pretzels;
wonderin' wen they'll be done.

me and my lindsay are waitin' to eat them;
oh won't those pretzels be fun!

me and my lindsay are so very patient;
watchin' those pretzels get fat.

but wen they're finished my peepol will eat them
and ivy gets none! wuts with that?!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

re-gifting is great!

remember wen i got that giant dinosaur bone that wuz too skary to eat? well i finally found sumbody who isnt askared of it at all! i gave my bone to my next-dog neighbor sandy and she thot it wuz the best present ever. and she didnt even know that i didnt want that bone! isnt re-gifting great?

gus tagged me to make up 5 resolushuns so i gess i better do that. hmmmmm... lemme see... now gussies were all very good-dog kind of things to resolve to do but they didnt sound like much fun to me. i need better resolushuns:

1. i resolve to catch an evil skwerrel and make him tell all his secret skwerrel plans.

2. i resolve to eat more dog food for dinner. one scoop just isnt enuf.

3. i resolve to find more geocaches and get my peepol outdoors way more often.

4. i resolve to haf all the cats in my neighborhood bow down to me and become my skwerrel-elimination force.

5. i resolve to go for a walk wif my peepol every day!

i tag freda and turbo and fufu and hana and hershey.