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Sunday, July 30, 2006

2 is company and 3 is a wrestling match

my dog friend sandy came over to play and me and sandy and abby wrestled and chased around my back yard.

after we wrestled we were all so very thirsty!

abby wuz not such a good water sharer.

abby dog, cow dogs and little cars

oh my dogness! so much has happened the last cupple of days that i dont know if i can remember it all. first my little friend abby dog came to boss me around... er, visit... and wen her peepol went home she didnt go with them! she seems to have moved in to my house! and she is trying to take over my peepol! i am going to haf to have some stern words with her wen the peepol arent looking...

this morning abby decided that my little tiny dog dozent need his eyes anymore. i told her that i thot he still wanted them but she said she wuz shure he didnt and she took them rite off. poor little dog. now he cant see ware i am taking him wen he goes for rides in my mouth.

then my peepol went to the fair and left me and abby all by ourselves! how not fair is that? lindsay said hi to the giant blak and wite cow dogs and they blew cow dog snot on her hands.

randy went for a ride in a little tiny car! hey! there is room in that car for ivy too!
i haf to run off now and find out wut abby is doing to my other toys. bye! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

pam and ken

lindsay planted some seeds in the dirt and then out of the dirt came... da da DA!!! pam and ken! now they are so big and they seem to be racing each other to who can get to the skwerrel tree first!

the best part is, pam is growing me a ball to play with! lindsay says it iznt big enuf yet but it is still growing.

wen the ball gets big enuf we can play with it!
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

skwerrel breath

last nite the skwerrels must haf been all breathin steam in my back yard becuz wen i got up this mornin to patrol it wuz all steamed up! i cud hardly even seen my back fence to see if they were using it as a skwerrel hiway. those sneeky skwerrels will stop at nothing!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

skweeky skwerrels dont belong in tubes!

today i wuz looking for one of my skweeky skwerrels and cudnt find him. i found his two brothers hanging out near my little door but still one wuz missing! i sniffed all over the house and finally i saw his little fluffy tail hanging out the end of a tube!! wut wuz he doing in there? i will never know how he got in but i shure got him out in a hurry.

silly skwerrel.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

crazy peepol!

my peepol are so crazy! just wen i thot they had settled down for a nice quiet not-go-to-work day, they got out all the noizy tools and made another mess in my kitchen!

i had to run outside and patrol the backyard for such a long time before the crazy peepol were done making skary noizes.

i will never unnerstand why they like to do that stuff. just plain crazy i guess.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

good drinks in seattle

i wuz reeding enders blog and he said he mite go to seattle soon. i went to seattle once with my peepol and there wuz this great place there with water running down the stairs. it wuz perfect to get a drink if you got tired walking up and down those steps.

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my white cousin?

i found this pickture on photo.net and i thot this dog looks like an all white version of me!

she sure is pretty isnt she?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

aligator and stinky water

here is me with my skweeky aligator. i got him for my burthday and i still think he is the best! i keep trying to take his little jacket off but so far the jacket wins.

here is some stinky water in a bottle that my peepol brot home. randy said he picked it out becuz of the dog on the label. for sum reezon he thot i mite like to look at it but i just thot it wuz stupid. i like to drink clean water from bowls or sumtimes muddy water from puddles but i dont drink this silly stuff from bottles.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

dancin dog

hey hey i found this on google video and now i want to be a dancin' dog too!

dar and bunny rabbits and cats

i took randy for a walk-on-the-leash today and we had such an exciting time.

first we spotted a big bunny rabbit and wen i asked him just wut he thot he wuz doing on my walk he flashed his fuzzy white butt at me and ran off! i considered this very rude and told him so.

then we met a very tall husky and his peepol that i haf never met before. his name is dar and he is 15 years old! i said to dar you must be so wise can you give me some advice? and dar thot for a minnit and he said if your peepol want to blame you for their farts, just let them. you will probably get a cookie out of it later. and i thot wut strange advice but i just said thank you and we walked on.

then we saw 5 whole cats lying on a driveway! they all watched me like i wuz going to steel sumthing but they didnt even get up. lazy cats!

then we came home.

the end.

Monday, July 10, 2006

happy burthday to meeeee!

hey hey everydog! guess wut? today is my burthday! my peepol tell me that i am five years old or maybe six. they dont reely know becuz peepol arent too good at counting you know. they shud probly ask freda to teach them how to count... she is great with numbers!

i am so happy becuz i got a skweeky aligator and two new bags of dogfood. the best part is that lindsay let me lick the dogfood river as it came out of the bag and then i got to lick the insides of the dogfood bags too! wut a wonderful burthday!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

takin' the holly for a ride

this mornin my peepol went outside and made a terrible racket. i told them to be quiet but they were so loud they didnt even hear me.

wen i came out to see wut wuz the matter i found that my friend holly wuz missing... well, mostly missing anyway.
i liked the holly. there is even a song about the two of us. so i wondered ware she went to.

aha! there she is!

the peepol said we were going to take the holly for a ride in the car. i love to go for rides in the car but i never took a tree with me before. i wuz a little nervus about getting in the car with the holly pokin' at me pokin' at me.

we went for a ride and gess wut? we went to one of my favorite places... the dump! i love how it smells at the dump. it is like an odor buffet.
my peepol said that the holly wud be very happy living at the dump with all the other trees in a big tree pile. i haf heard of dog piles but never a tree pile before. oh well i gess it makes sense that the holly wud like to live there. i shure wud like to live at the dump too!

bye-bye, holly! im gonna miss you!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

ice is nice

i like ice. no i love ice! it crunches like a bone and it refills my slobber fuel like water. but sumtimez that ice runs away from me and i need a little help to kech it.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Evil Tick Monsters!

this morning me and randy took a walk out by the lake and we saw peepol fishin and we met 3 dogs! 2 dogs were nice and one spottie dalmation nipped at me (for no reezon at all i mite add).

wen we got home the peepol checked me and found some evil tick monsters had hitched a ride in my armpit! hey! i didnt tell them they cud ride there!

lindsay convinced the ticks that they wanted to move out and put them in a little baggie.
randy took the baggie outside and gave the ticks a stern talking to with a hammer.

[i will spare you the pickture of the tick after his talking to. it isznt a pretty site]

i dont think those ticks will be bothering me again. im so glad i haf my peepol to take care of tick monsters!

the smell of OTHER dogs!

tonite my peepol came home so late that i had alredy gone to sleep and they waked me up again. (shhhh... dont tell them i wuz sleeping on the peepol bed! tee hee!)

wen the peepol came in the door i smelled them all over to see ware they had been and do you know wut? they smelled like other dogs!

i gave them my best accusing look and asked them to xplain themselves and they just laughed and said they got to meet some nice dogs at bob's house. "nice dogs?" why didnt i get to go? i cud haf checked them out to make sure they were reely ok dogs and not some dangerous fiends out to get my peepol! *humph!*

i hope next time they remember to take ivy along. thats all i can say.