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Friday, April 27, 2007

stupid birds!

my stupid peepol left my dog car outside just for a few days and guess wut happened? the stupid birds pooped all over my dog car!

my peepol were not very pleased. they must haf been angry wif the car cuz they yelled reelly loud and gave it a bath! i hate baths and i am sure my dog car hates them too... but at least the stupid bird poops are gone now.
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

my sunshiny saturday

today wuz so pretty in my backyard that my lindsay decided to visit me and read for a while in the shade of the skwerrel tree. i posted myself nearby to keep an eye on things and guard against skwerrel attacks.

it wuz a good thing that i wuz on duty too becuz this giant fat evil skwerrel came rite down out of the tree and tried to eat the bird food! hey hey skwerrel! that food is for the birds! i reelly showed him!

then my peepol went for a ride-in-the-car wifout me and i wuz sad... but wen they came back guess wut they brot for me?

i reelly showed that rubber ball a thing or two! i hope the skwerrel wuz still watching.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

my SourCreamcicle!

do your peepol ever give you sourcreamcicles? my randy lets me haf them but my lindsay just shakes her head.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

I finded out ware my randy went!

hey hey dog friends! lots of you haf been asking me about ware my randy went to get my choco cake cookies.

well, my randy has been hogging my dogpooter all the time for the last few days and i asked him just wut he thot he wuz doing and he said he wuz writing about how he got me ivy treats, so i said ok then.

i gess he is finished wif it now and i get my dogpooter back for blogging again! if you want to read his silly peepol-story you can find it rite here.

tonite it is sooooo windy here that i am not even going out in my back yard cuz a tree mite fall down on me. skary!

Friday, April 13, 2007


oh my dog friends! i haf good news! not only did my randy bring me back my very own one-bite pretzel but he also brought me a bag of yumminess called choco-cake! i am always asking to haf a bite of yummy chocolate and my peepol always tell me that chocolate is not for dogs. but this choco-cake stuff even has a pickture of a dog rite on the bag so they cant tell me that i cant haf it.

mmmmmmm... choco-cake!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eine Brezel für ivy!

hello dog friends! i haf happy news... i finally found my randy! sometimes he plays my favorite dog game wif me - hide dog seek - ware he hides and i look for him and then he jumps out and skares me! this last game wuz soooo long... he stayed hidden for five days and wen i finally found him last nite as he came in the door i said i win! i win! you gave up!

but he wuzzent lissening to me at all. he gave my ears a quick rub and then lindsay got all the attenchun. humph!

but the best part is this... my randy went all the way to Deutschland to play hide-dog-seek wif me and he brot me back my very own pretzel!! he said i cud only haf one bite... so i made it a reelly big bite. tee hee!

this is the best game of hide-dog-seek ever. i hope this is the start of a tradishun.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the very last zahnputzer!

uh oh... tonite my randy told me that there wuz only one zahnputzer left... and i ate it. now there are none at all! zahnputzers were my favoritest cookie of all time! even better than rawhides!

this is a tragedy. wutever shall i do? i askeded my randy to get some more and he said they are very far away and it mite be hard to get some. of corse i told him he better try cuz peepol can do anything. i dont know if he wuz lissening cuz it didnt seem like he heard that last part.

my second-brekfast beard

every morning wen my randy is finished wif his brekfast cereal he lets me lick the milk out of the bottom of the bowl... my second brekfast! and every morning wen i am finished he laffs at me and says i haf a milk beard.

i wuzzent sure wut he wuz talking about until i saw this pickture of me...
so thats wut a milk beard looks like.

oh and you can add these to the list of yummy dinners that ivy didnt get to eat. they are called runsas and they are like big round pretzels with beef inside!! oh yumminess!
i think they haf cabbage and onions too but if i got one i wuddent care about that. i wud just eat the bread and the beef. mmmmmmm.... beef! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 02, 2007

the dog bloggers song of spring

it seems that all my blogging dog friends haf been writing about spring... wut a crazy big thing spring is that it can get to us all at the same time! of course i haf to write some lines about it.

oh spring is here; it came so fast
it got in my back yard!
it snuck rite past my purple bear
(he's not much of a guard!)

spring sneezed stuff in copper's bowl
and said 'hi' on his table;
it made my peepol's noses itch --
it made them quite unstable.

a bee last spring stung hershey's nose;
i hope he is okay.
his daddy used the grass eater
to make the bees go 'way.

spring at zach and chani's house
just means more snow to run in.
i wish i had that kind of spring
to get more snow-time fun in!

the albino skwerrel sabateur
made black smoke in the sky;
that's not the kind of spring i'd want!
why, little buster, why?

i hope your spring is treating you
with kinder, gentler days:
with daffodils and zahnputzers,
and naps in sunny rays.