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Sunday, September 30, 2007

pills are done and other stuff

hey dog friends. i wuz kinda sad on the day before the day before today becuz my tummy-ring-go-away-pills were all gone. i know i know i said i didnt like taking those pills but you know wut? since all you dog bloggers said that i ought to get pretzels for taking pills my randy made me a pretzel dog of my very own and he wrapped each pill in a bit of pretzel for me to eat! i reelly lookeded forward to pretzel pill time! and now they are all gone. *sigh*

well at least the itchyness on my tummy is gone too. i gess that is a good thing!

but i didnt haf long to be sad becuz that same nite my peepol stayeded up way past dog bed time makin' stuff in my kitchen. it smelled so good and it looked good too!

i sat down on my kitchen floor and looked up to the sky
and wut do you think waited there to tempt my keeshond eye?
a bit of heaven! yes indeed! a miracle, if you please:
i saw a vision of a plate all laden wif cream cheese!

unfortunately tho for me, my peepol wud not share;
i did not think i wud get sum - i started to despair.
looking pretty as i cud wuz getting quite exhausting
wen finally it all paid off: i got a lick of frosting!

yesterday my lindsay brought home a package of chocklit almonds that came wif a bow on them. i said hey hey lindsay! i wud like that! so she gave me the bow. i meant the chocklit. *sheesh*

can any of you dogs see anything strange about that last pickture?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


hey hey dog friends! just in case you dont spend enuf time playing wif pictures on your computer... now there is a website that lets you put your pictures into pages and stick stickers and stuff on them.

i made a scrapblog to share wif all my dog blogging friends. i hope you like it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

the evil duck on a stick

the mysterious stuff wrapped in blankies wuz not the only thing that comed out of the giant box... this duck on a stick comed out of the box too!

i do not like that duck-on-stick.
i do not like him, not one bit!
he's skar-i-er than a ghost-mouse:
he chased me out of my own house!

i finally skared that duck away and me and my randy went to the movie store to get movies for the magic box. my peepol ate sum yummy stuff wif sour cream and i got to lick the spoon. mmmm. then we all stayed up way past dog bed time watching the magic box. all that hard work protecting my peepol must haf made me reelly tired cuz i didnt last thru the end of the movies.
nitey-nite dog friends!

mystery in a giant box!

today a giant box showed up at my house. i luv to try to figure out wut is in boxes. dont you?

in this box wuz... another box! wuts up wif that?

and inside that box wuz a lot of blankies and wadded up paper.

wut is this? does anydog haf a guess?
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

my car

hey hey kelsey ann! thanks for tagging me in the latest game... oh i gess it isnt the latest game anymore since you already haf another tag post on your bloggy now!

so i had to think long and hard about wut car best represents me and my personality. i finally decided that this must be it:

of corse i am not a weiner doglet but i sure am a hot dog! tee hee!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

tiny drum

hey hey dog friends! did you know that tiny peepol puppies haf a little drum that beats inside them just like dogs do? and did you know that peepol doctors can hear that little drum beating before the peepol puppy is even born!? those doctors must haf reelly good hearing.

my randy recordeded BP's drum beating and brot it home on a little stick wif buttons that talks to my dogpooter. i thot i wud put it on my blog becuz it makes me and my peepol happy to hear it. i dont know wut it is about that little drum that is so cool but it just is. i hope it makes you happy too.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

new rug

my peepol got a new rug for BP's room.
now i just need to ask dave - guide dog for the color blind - does it go wif my fur?
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doctor Pepper and Pretzel Dogs

hey hey dog friends. bad news today... i got an itchy red ring on my tummy and i had to go to the vet!

here i am asking my randy to please open the door and let me go anyware but here.
my doctors name is doctor pepper. my peepol think that is reelly cool but i haf no idea why. she gets down on the floor to talk to me wich is better than riding the evil-elevator-table-from-hell but she still makes me get on the skary-scale-of-deth! this time my randy got on the scale wif me. together we were 208 pounds!

doctor pepper said that i haf allergies. i said good now lets go! and we went home and just wen i thot all the torcher wuz over my randy sprayed my tummy wif a stinking hissing bottle of icky stuff! i said hey! no fair! at least now it is over! but no it wuzent cuz next i got a nasty tasting pill rite in the middle of my dog food for dinner! whoa! totally not fair!

and speaking of not fair... tonite my randy made pretzel dogs for dinner. yipee! i thot wif a name like 'pretzel dogs' they must be for me!

but nooooooo! my randy said that pretzel dogs are for peepol to eat. wut is up wif that?

sumbody had the brilliant idea to cook the pretzel dogs on a rack and they got all stucked to the bottom! i wont say the name of who it wuz but his initials are R-A-N-D-Y. tee hee! my lindsay picked sum of the pieces of pretzel out of there and...

she gave them to me! hurray! at last i got a good ending to a terrible day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

gessing game!

i think it is about time to start a gessing game. to win the game you haf to gess the day wen BP is going to be born. we wont find out who wins until he ackshully gets here so you will haf to wait a wile to find out who is the best gesser.

the winner will get a five dollar gift card to petsmart to buy a toy that you pick out yourself!

you can gess as many times as you like but only your last gess will count.
if two dogs gess the same day then whoever gessed it first gets it.

your clue is the pickture above and the fact that it wuz taken wen i went to the beach wif my peepol for theyr annyversery.

good luck dog friends!
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