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Sunday, March 30, 2008

happy dog food bag day!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bouncy Baby Ben and the Battle of the Bone

my benjamin is getting so strong and he likes to bounce in his magic levitating seat all the time now! my lindsay made a movie to show everybody and i helped...

wen my benjamin wuz finished bouncing, i gave him kisses! i am not sure wut he thought of that...

now on to more serious business...
for easter i got a reelly cool bone that has peanut butter in the middle! woo hoo!

the problum is that my peepol wanted me to eat it outside in my back yard, but it wuz cold out there! so naturally i brot my yummy bone inside to finish it. my peepol got all mad and crazy and stuff and told me to take it out. so i did, and then i brot it rite back inside again. for sum reason this did not satisfy them and they made me take it out in the cold again! after a few rounds of this i said enuf! this is my house and i live in it more than you peepol and i will eat my bone inside if i want to! and i refused to go back outside. i growled (just a little bit!) and got a spanking and it wuz all very unhappy. in the end i lost the battle of wills and had to eat my bone outside.

*sigh* ivy never wins.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


my dog friends, you were rite. the new thing that came home wif my peepol from seattle is called a furminator, and it is taking away my fur!

every few days my lindsay gets that furminator thing out and makes me sit down and be good while she pets me wif it. it actually feels kinda good but wen it is over i look down and see that a bunch of my fur has abandoned ship!! she runs the furminator all over me except for the top of my head.

this got me thinking... my peepol haf very little fur on them except for the top of theyr heads. does that mean they furminate themselves wen i am not looking? are they trying to make me look like a peepol?? this is most distressing!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

cool man ben, yummy cookie and dreamy cream

well i thot i had finally seen all the picktures from my peepol's trip to seattle and then i found the other spy camera had picktures on it too! my favorite one is of my benjamin riding in the airplane in style.

then i found out that the picktures on the camera were not the only thing that i had been missing from that trip... my lindsay had a super dog cookie for me from my cousins bruce and lois and she forgot to tell me! can you beleeve it? here is a pickture of my lindsay asking me if i want to eat the cookie and me saying yes-yes-yes!

so i think my peepol were feeling guilty about forgetting my cookie (they shud!) becuz today wen my lindsay wuz making cake she gave me the dreamy creamy box to lick!! woo hoo!!

good to the last drop! mmmmmm!

there is one more thing that came home from seattle for me, but i will save telling about that for next time....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

more clues and the 3rd-ever hexapus!

hey hey dog friends! well i finally got another chance to look at the picktures on my spy camera and i got some more clues about ware my peepol went wen they abandoned me last week...

apparently they went someplace ware the cities float on water and they haf some sort of flying saucers on giant display stands. very strange!

oh and it looks like they visited a little tiny mountain next to a giant tree branch!

i bet my dogtective friends can figure this one out!

my good friend hana shared a story wif me about sum silly peepol who thot they discovered the first ever hexapus. hana pointed out that i discovered the first hexapus, but i haf to correct that. actually it wuz abby who discovered the first one and i liked him so much that my peepol found one for me too. so i gess this one is the 3rd-ever hexapus! doesnt sound so exciting that way!
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Monday, March 03, 2008

where did my peepol go?

oh my dogness! my peepol are finally back! they were gone for a whole week wifout telling me ware they were!

i wuz reelly upset and i barked and barked at them wen they left cuz i thot i wud be all alone but then pork loin lady and my friend cool dave came to take care of me and they gave me so many treats and played chase and gave me bbq beef ribs!! hurray for beef!

cool dave even took me for a walk-on-the-leash in a thousand-mile-an-hour wind. it wuz like going for a walk and sticking your head out the window of a car at the same time. cool!!!

so ware did my peepol go? i found about a zillion (ok maybe only 450) picktures on my spy camera. it is going to take me a while to sort them all out. the most disturbing is this one:

A CAT! and he looks about ready to eat my BP for lunch!! see that hungry look in his eyes? poor BP! shud haf stayed home wif me!
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