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Friday, March 31, 2006

Ivy in the ivy

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i hate bath time!

i knew it wuz coming wen we were riding in the car and the peepol started saying 'pee-yew! what is that stinky funk?' wen we got home i hoped they had forgot all about it, but nooooo.... they put me in the evil torture tub and got me all wet and rubbed all the good smell right out of me! disgusting!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

randy comes home and froggy moves west

hurray! hurray! me and lindsay went for a ride in the car last nite and we went to the airport ware the big skary loud birds like to fly around and i was thinking ok so has she gone krazy? why are we here? we were here 6 brekfests ago and we lost randy to the big skary birds so am i going to lose lindsay now? who is going to skoop my dogfood?

but just wen i wuz about to give up hope gess wut? can you gess? randy came running up to the car! he got away from the big birds! hurray!

so it turns out that the birds took randy and the frog away to calafornya wich is west becuz the frog wanted to go west. well maybe it was also becuz randy went to the big get-together for peepol who make games.

the nintendo peepol were there with my second favrite game, nintendogs. of corse my vary favrite game is the ivy game that randy wrote with me in it and i haf to cach the skweeky carrot and bark at the cats and ride the elevator (even tho i reely hate the elevator i haf to ride it in the game... that is the skary part!)

randy took piktures of the signs becuz everyone else had big seekrets and didnt let the peepol take piktures of very many of the reely cool things. he dropped off the frog in a geocache in calafornya and somebody else picked him rite up again and took him closer to his home in sandy eggo. bye froggy! im gonna miss you little guy!

even tho it was a big shiny confrence with cool stuff inside, somehow the peepol cudnt get the sign to work rite. randy said they had reely bad food to eat, too. i gess some peepol just dont no wuts reely important in life.

but i no wuts important. having both of my peepol close to me all the time and skraching my ears and scooping my dogfood and just saying 'we love you ivy.'

now thats reely important.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Are you a sad girly?"

this week was vary quiet because my dad went to calafornia. i keep watching for him to come home but only lindsay comes home. randy gives me dog food. i miss him.
lindsay came home last nite with a big bag of dog food and a jumbone and i got to lick the empty food bag and eat my treat.
lindsay says he will come home tonight. maybe he will give me dog food and play ball. lindsay asks "are you a sad girly?" and i says "yes, i want randy to play chase with me" but randy isnt here so i just look sad and wait by the door.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I love hiking!

my peepol take me to hi places so i can see all the skwerrls and smell the air messeges and leave pee-mail.

A vary smart dog left a code for me to know what whey is west. now my frog friend can go to calafornia.

i tell my peepol that i am tasting the air, but really i am sending a deth thret to all the skwerrls below me. now they no ivy is in charge.

i love riding in the car. sometimes i ride on the arm rest so i can sneek into lindsays lap!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Go Faith Go!

wut an amazing dog! she can reely run fast on two feets! my granddog pershing only had two feets that worked, but he had weels to get around with. Faith is so cool!

Old Skwerrels Never Die

my peepol found this peepolpaper article about an ainchent kind of skwerrel that all the peepol thot wuz dead. but it turns out he isnt dead after all!
it goes to show ya that just wen you think youve gotten rid of one kind evil skwerrel, just wen you think it is safe to let your puppies play freely in the yard, just wen youre reddy to claim one small viktory for dogkind, BAM! just like that your dreems are shattered: the evil skwerrel lives again! watch out all your laosian dogs! keep your puppies safe inside!

nobody is safe wile the skwerrels are out there.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Travelling Frog

me and my peepol went for another geocaching walk in the woods today and we found a frog in the cache. he didnt smell like a frog and he didnt jump but the paper that came with him said he wanted somebody to pick him up and take him West to drop off at another cache. he is trying to get to sandy eggo. so we picked him up and took him with us. now i just have one thing to figure out...

...which way is west?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Screen Cleeners

grandad sent me some frends to help me keep the screen cleen. thanks grandad!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Cheeky Skwerrel Re-Namer

my frend anna sent me a link to the cheeky skwerrel re-namer. you tell the cheeky skwerrel your name and then he gives you a new evil skwerrel name! this is all part of theyr master plot to take over the world i am just shur of it.

watever you do, dont put your name in this box and click the button. even worse, dont you dare put ivy in that box and click the button!

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