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Thursday, November 27, 2008

things we are thankful for

happy giving thanks day every dog! i haf so many things to be thankful for that i wanted to share a few of them wif you. since my benjamin turned one years old today and is now all growed up, i let him share his thankful thots as well. but since this is my blog after all, i will go first.

first, i am thankful for freda, who went ahead to the rainbow bridge on saturday. she was the first dog blogging friend i ever met and one of the nicest dog friends i know. an excellent nose-artist, a very good caretaker of her peepol, and a real smart cookie. i am so thankful for the chance to call her my friend.

my benjamin is thankful for grandma and grandpa coming to play wif him. and, of course, for lemons.

i am thankful for bacon lady, who thinks of me when she goes to the waffle house of wonder and brings me back some bacon goodness.

benjamin says he is thankful for the funnies and puzzles in the newspaper, but i know it is just because he likes to eat them wen nobody is looking.

i am very thankful for giant turkeys! i got to haf some turkey dog tea just before bed that made me very happy indeed.

benjamin is thankful for chocolate birfday cake and warm milk to wash it down wif.

i hope that all my dog friends have so much great stuff to be thankful for!

luv ivy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my benjamin got ouched!

this morning my benjamin got ouched right on his eyelid!

i didnt see it happen but i sure heard it... so i came running in and asked him wut happened. my benjamin said that he wuz fighting a fierce four-legged sea creature and it looked like it had surrendered but then it suddenly hit him in the eye wif one of its legs!

see, here is the culprit, still pretending to be innocent:

so i thot i wud tell him a little poem to make him feel better

The Dread Pirate Benjamin: King of the Sea!
The Dread Pirate Benjamin, fearless is he!
The sailors all fear him, they see him and flee;
Even though he's as tall as the shortest one's knee.

That seemed to cheer him up a bit. Tee hee! Ivy to the rescue!
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Friday, November 14, 2008

a LONG ride!

hey hey dog friends - sorry i haf not been writing more lately. i took my peepol for a very long ride-in-the-car and then all the peepol got sick and i had to take good care of them. so here is the story of my ride... oh, is that my exit?

A long ride

Mile after mile,
It makes my heart smile;
I'm happy inside
To be on a dog ride!

But hour upon hour
Makes my Benjamin sour:
He's tired but won't nap,
It could make a dog snap!

Though my peepol are trying
To help him stop crying,
The poor guy's upset:
Why aren't we there yet?

Mile after mile,
It makes me hostile:
I'm weary inside,
Make it end, this dog ride!

P.S. The ride finally did end after a deer and a raccoon tried to crash into us and don't think i haf ever been happier to get home.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

oh the smells i smelled!

yesterday my peepol took my benjamin and went for another ride-in-the-car wifout me. they were gone a long time and wen they came back i smelled my benjamin's hands and guess wut i smelled?



i also smelled hot dogs and hay and some other kinds of goodness i didnt know wut they were.

why oh why can't i go to these places too??
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