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Friday, January 08, 2010

snow day!!

hey dog friends! me and my benjamin had so much fun today!

wen we waked up there wuz snow on the ground! and then it just kept coming out of the sky too!

i taught my ben how to play like a snow dog...

...and we found sticks under the snow to play with. it wuz a great snow day!
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy new year!

i went on vacation for a long long LONG time and just got back two sleeps ago. my peepol packed theyr big clothes boxes on wheels and took me to my new friend loki's house to visit. loki is big and cool. he can pee for a minute wifout stopping. i wish i could do that. i didnt know how long a visit it wuz going to be but then i had so many sleeps there i lost count! i thot it mite live there forever. so i had to teach loki's peepol about ivy's rules for living. like that you haf to get up at 5 for dog breakfast. they never heard of that rule before. it was hard work for me to teach them let me tell you.

then my peepol just showed up again! it wuz so crazy! i wuz like 'hey loki, its another day. what you wanna do?' and he said 'lets go pee on something' and i said 'ok' and then the door opened and there were my peepol! my lindsay and randy and benjamin! they took me back to my own dog house and i got to skweek all my own toys and i checked the pee mail on the post outside my house. there wuz a lot to check!

so i asked the peepol 'where were you peepol?' and they said 'we missed you too ivy,' which isn't an answer so i had to dogtective it out. i checked the camera and found these picktures:

so it looks like my benjamin missed me too and wuz looking for ivy everywhere but couldn't find me. silly ben -- you shud haf just looked at loki's house first!

so glad to be home! so glad to haf my peepol! for some reason they haf forgotten the breakfast rule too so i am teaching it to them again.
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