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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

happy anniversary!

hey hey dog friends! ivy here with another dog blog entry... my randy and lindsay had their 8th (in human years) wedding anniversary (that's nearly a half century in dog years!) so they decided to take us all out for an adventure.

my benjamin is still practicing his driving skills (especially backing up) so he didn't get to captain the car this time. maybe next time they will let him drive and he will take us all to a giant dog park.

this time we just went up a big mountain with lots of chipmunks and stayed at a cabin with a hot tub. i am reelly glad they didn't want me to get in the hot tub... wut a scary bath that would be!

we walked around a neat town called front royal. i don't know why they called it that. i didn't see any left, right or rear royal, and i don't know how you can have just a front without all the rest of it. anyway, i liked front royal rite away wen i saw this "wanted" poster up in a shop window:

knowing the streets would be safe from evil skwerrels made me breathe easier. i got to go window shopping with my benjamin and had a great time.

then we went to a winery called fox meadow. i sat on a bench under a tree and kept a sharp lookout for foxes while my lindsay tasted the wine.

don't worry - i know that grapes are bad for dogs so i didn't eat any.

then my benjamin went to visit dinosaur land. i never knew that sharks and octopuses counted as dinosaurs. my randy tried to convince them to let me in, but the dinosaur land peepol said they didn't serve my kind there. oh well.

it is probly just as well i didn't go in... my benjamin got eaten by a shark!

and then he rode on a giant cobra!

i swear that boy's middle name must be danger!

after all that death-defying dino-rangling, we were both tuckered out.

happy anniversary, randy and lindsay! i hope you enjoyed it as much as ben and i did!