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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

meetin' my neighbors

today the snow thief came to my neighborhood again and stole most of my snow. i wuz sad about the snow but happy becuz now my peepol will take me for walks again. silly peepol are too wimpy to walk in the snow becuz they dont like getting theyr feets wet. ha!

wile we were walking we met a dog that i haf never even seen before!! his name is harley and he said that i wuz pretty. i told him that he smelled good and he wuz very tall and then he gave me a kiss!! i hope i get to see him again... i need to go for more walks!!

next door to me on the other side from sandy there is a new little dachsie pup. he is so tiny and he is so shy that i hafent met him yet or even sniffed his behindly. i will haf to do that soon.

thanks to indy for pointing out that today is spay and neuter day. my peepol tell me that its a very good thing. 'nuff said.

Monday, February 26, 2007


hey hey gess wut my dog friends... it snowed in my front yard and in my back yard!!! i had such a good time running so fast and kicking up the snow and scaring the snot out of all the skwerrels around my house! tee hee! you never know wen a skwerrel mite be hiding under the snow and you just haf to check!

my peepol were reelly happy too! i said hey hey peepol are you happy that it snowed? and my randy said he wuz happy becuz there wuz a wee on the couch. hey! wait a minnit! i get in big trubble if i wee on the couch! that is totally not fair!

i checked it out but there wuz no wee on the couch. just a stupid white box. wuts up?

my peepol got all kinds of smelly stuff out of the white box and did a little dance around the magic window box and started waving magic wands of death around in my living room!

my lindsay wuz giggling cuz she said she made randy on the magic window box. i smelled it and told her that it wuz definately not my randy. it didnt smell like him at all. but she didnt lissen. nobody ever lissens to ivy.
so now my peepol are totally distracted wif the magic wands and the worst part is that there is snow outside and nobody wants to run in it wif me any more! *sheesh*
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

the carpet eater got sick!!

last nite my randy wuz pushing the carpet eater around and it started making a bad stink! it wuz even worse than the stink that happens after i eat vegetables!
so i said to randy hey hey! you shud take the carpet eater to the vet! the vet can give it a shot! (tee hee!) but of corse my randy didnt lissen to me. nobody ever lissens to ivy.

instead he took the carpet eaters foot off and took its teeth out and brushed its teeth!! i thot that wuz pretty good torcher. i hate getting my teeth brushed! i gess that musta fixed it cuz the carpet eater didnt stink any more. too bad.... i thot maybe it wuz dead for good!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

tee hee!

my randy showed me this funny he got from his friend brian. i didnt get it at first but then my randy explained it to me and i still didnt get it. it must be funny tho cuz it made my randy go tee hee! i hope it makes you go tee hee too!

Monday, February 19, 2007

christmas skwerrel lost his head!

my friend abby dog came over to vizit me the other nite and we had such fun! we chased and played and yelled about who got the most luvin from lindsay. silly abby thinks that my lindsay belongs to her! of corse she thinks that all my stuff belongs to her.

my skwerrel must haf been hafing a lot of fun wif abby too. he had so much fun that his head exploded! wowie... i hope i never haf that much fun.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

who is the smarter one?

yesterday my randy thot he wuz so clever. he got me all excited about a yummy chunk of snow and then he threw it and i thot oh boy oh boy i get to chase snow AND eat it too! but wen i ran to the place ware the snow landed it cuddent find it anyware!

so my randy must haf thot that wuz pretty funny becuz he wuz laffing at me and then he tried it again just a little bit later... but this time i had the last laff! tee hee!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

holy cow!

i finally found it. its the place i want to go for heaven wen i cross the rainbow bridge...
gess ware it is? it is iowa!

wut do they haf in iowa you mite ask? well of corse there is butchy and snickers who are reelly cool but even they cant beat a butter cow!

yes you heard me rite! it is a giant cow made all out of butter!!

of corse if you read my bloggy at all then you know that i luuuuuv butter! wen i try to imagine a whole cow of butter it just makes my little keeshond head hurt! mmmmmmm!!!

there is a lady (oh such a wunderful lady) who makes the butter cow every year for 42 peepol years... that is 181 in dog years!! wowzers! they even haf a bumper sticker for butter cow lady luvers.

i wunder if my randy wud put that on my dog car if i got one??

you can watch a video of the butter cow lady at work rite here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

unstick my stuff!!

wen i woked up this morning i looked out my dog door and gess wut i saw?

my whole back yard wuz covered wif snow!! but it wuzzent the soft swooshy kind of snow... it wuz a hard slickery kind of snow that my feets didnt even make dog prints in!

and you know wut else? all my stuff wuz stuck to the ground!! i had to pull and pull on my guard bear until i rescued him and then i pulled on my stick until i broke off a good chunk.

wowie! i never knew that my back yard cud be so greedy and want to keep all my things! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

cleanin' out the cream!

my peepol made some ice cream for the puppy bowl on sunday and gess wut? i got to lick the cream box!! wooo hooo! that stuff is the best dog food ever!

if any of you haf any cream boxes that you want cleaneded i know a keeshond who can help you wif that.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

i am the cookie finder!

one of my favritest games ever is find-the-cookie! i am so good at it and i hardly ever need any hints. my nose knows!

the only problum is that sumtimes wen i get to play find-the-cookie it meens that sumthing bad is going to happen like getting my toenails chopped off or giving me a haircut. grrrrrrrr! i hate those haircuts!

ok lets not talk about bad stuff any more. hey hey gess wut i found? i found a way to send a valentine pretzel to all my dog friends!! i just need your email address if you want to get one and i will send it to you!! you can write me a note to ivy at pargman dot com if you dont want to leave it in the comments.

mmmmmmm... pretzels!