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One Dog -- One Mission: To uncover the Great Squirrel Conspiracy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy howl-o-ween!!

super ivy came to help me watch out for tricksters on howl-o-ween!

wut a brave protector that super ivy is. she is the best house protector ever.

and now i will show you the best way to make cupcakes...
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bug Hunter

i wuz patrolling the kitchen wen i found an invader! an evil bug wuz closing in on my magic food box!

that otta learn him.

Monday, October 22, 2007

my long walk!

the big walk for helping hungry peepol wuz yesterday!

i wuz so happy to get to go for a walk wif so many other peepol and dogs. they stretched as far forward and as far back as i cud see!

we walked and we walked until i wuz reelly dog tired. my peepol kept stopping to give me drinks of water but i just kept saying no... thanks... must... press... on!

my lindsay and BP walked almost the whole three miles wif me and randy but then she took a shortcut cuz she said BP had enuf bouncing around. me and my randy finished the walk wif some boys who liked to talk about cars. we finally made it back to my dog car and rode home with the cool breezes blowin!

thank you to tippy, janet, murph, reilly, emma, jamie, thomassina, bob, trixie, gus, barbara, opy and grammy sue for donating to help the hungry peepols. together we raised 225 greenies which is enuf to buy a llama, a trio of rabbits, and a flock of ducks! wowie! and i thot all ducks were evil. i gess it is only the stick kind that jump out at you.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

vanquishing the duck-on-stick!

ooooo... i know it must be near pumpkin-candy-costume time again cuz evil things are afoot in my house. just last nite that very bad duck-on-stick came rite out of nowhere and attacked me for no reason at all!

but this time he had a surprise waiting for him a-ho-ho-ho!

i did not run away! he did not chase me out my dog door!

i held his nose in my mouth and told him that if he ever comes bursting out at me like that again... well he didnt even want to know wut wud happen to him!

i think he learned his duck lesson.

tee hee! ivy wins!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hangin' wif my BP

i dont know why but i have been feeling reelly snuggly lately. every time my lindsay sits down on the couch i feel the irresistable urge to jump up there wif her and BP to get my ears scratched. i haf noticed that my ivy spot on the lindsay lap is getting smaller and smaller. it better not disappear!

thanks to all the dogs and cats who contributed to feed the hungry peepol! i am looking forward to my long walk on the day after the day after the day after tomorrow!
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Going for a walk to fight hunger!

hey hey dog and cat friends! my peepol told me that i am going to get a chance to fight hunger. i said hurray! cuz i hate to be hungry. no no, not your hunger, they said, there are hungry people all over the world who need help to get enough food to eat.

oh wow! i didn't know that peepol ever went hungry. i hate to be hungry. so i said i wud help for sure. the best part wuz wen i found out that all i haf to do to help is go for a reelly long walk!

lots of dogs and peepol walk and get theyr friends to donate money to feed the hungry peepol around the world. i dont quite get the connection between walking and donating money but as long as i get to go for the walk i dont reelly haf to unnerstand i gess.

so if you want to donate a few of your greenies to feed hungry peepol just go to my donation web page at this link. i will post picktures of my walk on october 21!

luv ivy

Saturday, October 13, 2007

sourcreamsicle and another BP clue

hey hey dog and cat friends! do you ever get to lick sourcreamsicles?

i think they are the bestest ever! that is one of the few treats that i will do a stand-up-on-two-legs-dance for.

if you haf a sourcreamcicle you always haf to remember to lick your nose. sumtimes there is sum creamy goodness hiding there that you wuddent want to miss out on!

since i had a yummy treat and i am feeling extra generous today i thot i wud give you all another clue pickture to help wif your BP birfday gessings...

here is me wif my lindsay and BP in my back yard. as you can plainly see there are no skwerrels in site even if you look reelly closely. that is becuz of my constant vigilance and regular guard bear patrols. i am so good!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


hey hey dog and cat friends! (i haf to say hi to the cats now cuz they are reading my blog and if i am not nice to them they mite sneak in my house in the middle of the nite and kill us all in our beds!)

on my walk today i had sum excitement...

...we had not been walking long wen a beagle and a spaniel wif no dog necklaces on walked rite out into the road in front of me! i yelled hey! hey! hey! but they just ran away from me.

so my lindsay held my leash and my randy went to talk to the dogs wifout me! i wuz soooo mad! i yelled and yelled but i just got shushed. so randy put the dogs back in theyr yard and closed the gate and we started walking again wen those same two dogs came running back to the road to see us! how'd they do that? were they ghost dogs??

my randy went to investigate (wifout me his best helper!) and found out they were not ghost dogs after all. they just had a nice hole under the fence to crawl out of.

after fixing up the hole wif some wood and putting the dogs back in the gate we went on the rest of our walk.

wen we were walking back home later i saw that spaniel way up ahead running around in the street... but wen we got close he had vanished into thin air and the wood wuz still in its place over the escape hole! gosh... maybe that spaniel wuz a ghost after all! spooky!

for all of you (dogs and cats) who want to contribute recipes and picktures to the dog and cat bloggers cookbook you just haf to join the googly group and follow the instruckshuns there. it is reelly easy! hersheys mom told me about lulu.com so we can get the book printed cheaper for about 10 greenies. i hope we get lots of yummy recipes for dog and peepol foods.
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

a dog bloggers cook book?

hey hey dog friends! i had so much fun making a book wif dave and marvin that i thot it wud be cool to involve even more of my dog blogging friends to make a book together.

so i thot and thot about it and finally it came to me that we shud all make a cook book and each dog can contribute one recipe wif picktures!

if you want to be a part of this plan you need to haf a good recipe in mind and be able to take good picktures... dont use small picktures from the internet! then you need to join this google groupie here: http://groups.google.com/group/dog-bloggers-cook-book-group

if there are enuf dogs who join the group i will put your names in order on a list on the whose turn is it page and we will take turns editing the book on shutterfly. only one dog at a time can edit it so we haf to take turns. each dog will get two pages to work on. wen the book is all done you can look at it online and order a copy for your dogself! the books cost 30 bucks plus shipping from shutterfly. if anydog knows of a better and cheaper place to get a photo book let me know.

so... anydog want to write a cook book wif me?

Monday, October 01, 2007

my book came today!

hurray! hurray! my book of dog poetry finally has arrived!
i went to my back yard to read it to my guard bears and a skweeky skwerrel.

hey! there's the fabulous A04!

and there is marvin the braveheart hollow hound cool canine!

thank you to dave and marvin for contributing your poetry and picktures to be in my book! i luv it!
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