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Saturday, December 30, 2006

my latest game!

my randy wuz hogging the computer all the time last week and he said that he wuz making a game just for me. wut a silly excuse! but today he finally showed me wut he made and it is pretty cool!

in this game you get to be the hero of the world (ivy) and your mission is to catch the skweaky carrot before it bounces away and at the same time try to eat as many steaks and popcorns and turkeys as you can. wut a game! i luv it!

if you want to play the ivy game just click here. randy says you need flash player 8 to make it work rite.

happy new year to everydog!

i found this photo here and just had to share it with all my dog friends! happy new year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dawson the Beagle

today wen my peepol were going to work they saw a lost beagle running by the side of the road on his very own dogvencher! so of corse they stopped and talked to him and he said hey hey i am hungry!

they took him to work and he ate a granola bar and cheerios and some kfc chicken. hey! i dont even get to eat that stuff! wuts up with that?

he had a tag on his collar that said dawson and some phone numbers so randy called his peepol and they came to pick him up and dawson went home. hurray!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

tank and sly are here!

this morning my randy and lindsay went around and pickeded up all my toys and put them in the toy baskets and put them away! i said hey hey peepol wut are you doing? but before i cud figure it out gess who came in my door? tank and sly came in my door! wenever those guys come over all my toys haf to go into hiding or they wont survive.

so tank and sly got into my dog car with me and we all went for a ride to go geocaching.

i thot geoaching wif my peepol wuz crazy enuf but going wif those guys is totally nuts!

we ran and ran and sniffed and searched for caches and peed on everything. it wuz great!

i will never understand how tank can walk with the leash like that. doesnt that hurt?

wen we came to a playground those boys dared me to go down the slide. i said no no no ivy doesnt go down slides but then they double dog dared me to and wut cud i say? i just had to do it. those boys were too askared to do it themselves but i wuz braver than any of them. girl dogs rule!

wen we were going back to the car we saw a little poofy pom pom dog walking with his lady. now i know i am sposed to be nice to littler dogs but i gess we all musta been a little excited from our dogvenchers so me and tank and sly all started trying to run toward the pom pom. sly is a slippery one and he got out of his collar and ran like lightning rite at that little poofy! the pom pom lady got big eyes and scooped her pom up off the ground and sly did a flying leap rite at that lady and her pom but just then super lindsay caught up with sly and she reached out and grabbed him rite out of the air! it wuz amazing to see!

boy oh boy did sly boy get in trubble! all the rest of today he has been staying clear of super lindsay. he wont even look at her! i am just glad it isnt me in trubble. whew!

I found my present!!

thank you thank you to all my dog friends who helpeded me find my cool new skweaky toy on my christmas tree! i luv it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

o christmas tree o christmas tree!

my peepol said that my present is hiding somewhere in the christmas tree but i cant find it! can you help me figure out what my present cud be?

Friday, December 15, 2006

i haf been tagged!

i got tagged by gus and by akira & shiro! i had better say wut i want for christmas before i get tagged any more!

things i want for christmas:
1. a reelly fat skwerrel
2. sum pretty dogfood art
3. peace luv the gap (oops! too much tv!)
3. for my peepol to lissen to me more.
4. more walks!
5. a cool school to go to just like indy!
6. the awesome new Dogs With Blogs Calendar!

things i do not want for christmas:
1. any sort of hat
2. blogger beta
3. camel spiders

i will tag hana and ender and zach. lets find out wut eskies want for christmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the biggest bone i never wanted

haf you ever gotten sumthing that you thot wud be the best thing ever but then it wuzzent so great after all?

well the other day my peepol got me the giantest bone ever! it wuz so huge that wen i saw it i said wut is that thing? and peepol said it is a bone! and i said wowie!

but then wen i tried to pick it up it wuz so heavy it dropped rite outta my mouth! it made a big skary sound wen it hit the ground and i didnt like it any more.
so now the giant bone lives in my back yard. i keep an eye on it so it cant make any more skary noizes but i dont get too close.

i think maybe there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 11, 2006

i found the treasure!

tonite while my peepol were gone i went on a treasure hunt. and gess wut? i found a treasure!!
oh it wuz sooooo good! but then it wuz all gone and i had to wait for my peepol to come home. uh oh! i knew i wuz in for it... and shure enuff they were not happy peepol wen they came in the door. i took one look at my randy's face and i ran ran ran like keeshond lightning rite out my little door!

but randy came after me and oh that voice he used! i hate that voice! haf you ever noticed how bad your name sounds when they use that voice?

i stayeded out in my back yard for the longest time. wen i came back in i got another scolding and then all wuz forgiven. i got lots of luving on my fluffy ears and the peepol looked so worried about me that i almost felt sorry for them.

they say i am going to regret finding that treasure but i dont know -- how could sumthing that tastes so good be bad for you? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 09, 2006

one hundred and seventy-four choklit-mint cookies

one hundred and seventy-four choklit-mint cookies!
you peepol are reelly so sweet.
one hundred and seventy-four choklit-mint cookies
are just wut i want for a treat!

you know i've been good,
i've done wut i shud,
and i've not even pee'd on your tree;
now one hundred and seventy-four choklit-mint cookies
are wut i've got coming to me!

but wuddent you know it?
my peepol were stoic;
though i gave them my best sad-dog eye;

they packed them in tins,
gave them all to theyr friends;
fare thee well, choklit cookies... goodbye.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i see snowmans!

ok so maybe this isnt my favorite present i haf ever gotten but it is kinda different and wierd...
my lindsay got me these glasses that make all the christmas lites look like snowmans. it is so strange... wen you put them on and look at the tree and wiggle your head it looks like the snowmans are dancing! tee hee!
here is a close up of the snowmans. too bad you cant see them dance. if you did it wud make you say tee hee too!
now why dont they make these glasses with snowdogs in them? thats wut i want to know! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

dog tea? i luv dog tea!

my randy made sum yummy smelling stuff for dinner. i wached him make it from my dog rug like i always do. i wuz concentrating reel hard to send messages to randys mind that said giiiivvvve suuuuum to iiiiiiivy...

and gess wut? it worked! i got dog tea!!!

oh how i luv that dog tea! mmmmmmm!

Monday, December 04, 2006

gard dogs on my window

my lindsay got me some new gard dogs for my window. now wenever i am too busy to keep an eye on my back yard they can help keep the evil skwerrels away! i tried them out today by taking an official dog nap and wen i came back to my yard those gard dogs were still there alert as ever and there wuz not a single skwerrel in my yard!

boy oh boy those guys are gonna be handy! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 03, 2006

my new sport pet

wut is this thing that blowed into my yard? is it for me? is it from santa claws?

i haf never heard of a sport pet before but it smells like cat! mmmmmmm!!! i luv cat!

does any dog know wut i am supposed to do with this thing? Posted by Picasa