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Friday, October 31, 2008

Howl-o-ween is here again!

happy howl-o-ween, dog friends! i hope you got lots of treats and no tricks!
here is wut i did today:

hey look! pam is back! wait... she looks a little wartier than last year. maybe it is pam's cousin pierre the pirate. yeah!

ha ha... now i am not the only one forced to dress up in silly outfits. i think my benjamin got the worser deal here - i mite haf to deal wif a cape but he has to wear a fuzzy hat!

howl-o-ween is hard work for a dog. after a long nite of protecting the house from little peepol who wanted to steal our candy i had enuf and had to take a rest.

good night everydog!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

four legs to two... uh oh!

my dog friends, i think i am failing in my job of teaching benjamin how to be a good dog. he is starting to give up walking on four legs in favor of just two. how can he ever expect to be a good dog walking around like that?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

a walk AND a ride!

hey hey dog friends! i had such a good day today: i got to go for a walk AND a ride-in-the-car!

my peepol said that our walk cud haf been longer but my bp had to nap and we missed the first part of it. but i didnt care cuz it wuz pretty long anyway and there were LOTS of other dogs walking wif theyr peepol too! thank you very much too everyone who contributed to help feed hungry peepol. i think we all raised enuf money to help a lot of peepol not go hungry.

then i got to go for a ride in my dog car and ride wif my head out sniffing the fast breezes on the road. wut a great day!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

how to help end hunger? go for a walk!

hey hey dog friends! thank you for all your good suggestions to help me get a ride in my car. i am leaving your comments up for my randy to see so maybe he will notice and take me for a ride!!

but since i mite not go riding for a while i decided i had better go for a walk. and wut better way to take a walk than going for a CROP walk! the way it works is i take my peepol for a long walk and everyone else pays us to do it. well, they give a donation to help feed hungry peepol around the world, but i like to think of it as getting paid to go for a walk.

here i am at last year's crop walk - see how hard at work i am earning all that money?

so if you want to pay for my walk and help some hungry peepol, you can donate here:


Friday, October 10, 2008

Ivy wants to go too!

today i finally had enuf: my peepol haf been going for rides in the car and always taking benjamin but never taking me!

so tonite wen my randy opened the door and went out to the car with benjamin in his arms i made my bold move and slipped out just before the door closed! i wuz so daring and quick - you shud haf seen it!

i jumped into my dog car and took my seat, ready to go for a dogventure to whatever exciting place we were going to. my randy wuz so mean, he told me that they weren't going anywhere at all... that they were just getting more stuff out of the car, but of corse i didn't fall for that lie, no sir! i just sat in my dog car and refused to come out until i got my dogventure!

and you know wut my randy did? he closed the door and went in the house, leaving me in there! i wuz not to be fooled so easily though - i just knew we were about to go for a ride, so i stayed put. in a couple of minutes my randy came back out and tried to convince me to come inside, but i just laughed and said no way jose! so he went in again.

next time he came out wif the camera and i thot hmmmm... maybe this cud be embarassing. so i gave up and got out of the car.

...at least i got sum yummy cheerios for my trouble!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

my launch pad

my back yard anti-skwerrel launch pad is nearing completion!
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baby noisemakers

i haf no idea why but my peepol seem to think it is reelly cute to teach my benjamin to make awful noises that hurt my poor keeshond ears. run away! run away!