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Thursday, June 29, 2006

P-nut Butter Cookies!

tonite lindsay got all of my favorite things out in the kichen. things like butter and shooger and P-nut butter. it made my sniffer work reel hard sniffing all those yummy smells in the air.

of corse i knew just wut to do. i sat close to the yummy smells and i looked reel pretty and i was so good it almost hurt!

and it paid off!

Mmmmmmmmmm! P-nut butter!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Reservoir Dog

yesterday i wuz so excited becuz my peepol told me we were going geocaching at the reservoir! but of corse we cant do anything fun without first doing sumthing i dont like so the peepol got out the icky stinky juice and put it on my back. they say it is to keep the teas and flicks off of me but i think it is just torture.
the first geocache we found wuz an easy one to sniff out. it wuz at a new peepol shopping center with big empty stores. i wonder wut they are going to put in these stores? i think they shud fill this one with dog treats and cookies but of corse nobody ever asks ivy.
we went on to the reservoir and i jumped in some reely good smelling muddy water! it wuz so great and the peepol were yelling at me becuz they were so happy i got to jump in the water... but then i realized they were not so happy and they made me get out. i thot they had made a misteak so i jumped back in but no misteak! they just yelled again! oh well.

wen we got home lindsay played good dog games with me and i wuz so happy but then they made me take a bath and get all the good smells from the reservoir off of me. those peepol just dont understand wut smells good and wut dozzent. i think this is becuz they have such little tiny nozes.

all the bath torture wuz worth it tho becuz afterward they gave me reely good treats. mmmmmmmmm!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

dogs like bushes too!

yesterday my peepol went to the garden of the bush without me again!

they told me that dogs cant go and that i wud not have any fun there anyway... but i know better.

as soon as they were gone i looked it up and found out there is a doggie day spa there just for dogs like me, and there is an amazing pet shenangagan show where tricky dogs do tricky tricks for treats. hey! i can do tricks for treats!

wen my peepol came home (very late, i might add) they showed me picktures and videos they took that prooved that dogs can have fun there (yes they even took my pickture-taking box with them!)

one thing im glad i wuzznt there for wuz the funny hat trying-on. my randy likes hats and he especially likes to try on funny hats wen we go places. the problum is that he likes to put hats on me too and i hates to wear hats!

so other than the crazy hat thing i think that the peepol shud reely haf taken me along with them. 'speshully becuz they ate yummy ribs and beefs and smokin' chickens....mmmmmm! but nobody ever listens to ivy.

sometimes bein a dog is just no fair at all.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

watchin' movies with my peepol

i love watchin' movies with my peepol. it meens we get to snuggle on the couch for a long time and i get good pettin' while the peepol stay in one place.

i 'specially like movies with dog stars in them. the other nite my peepol put on a movie with a crazy dog star who waz the funniest part of the whole movie.
my peepol said the rest of the story waz reely good too. all i know is when they were watchin' it my peepol laughed and then were sad and then they laughed again and then sad, so it musta been some kind of mixed-up story.

if you want your peepol to watch it too you can go to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404030 and leave that page up on your pooter for the peepol to find. subliminal messages are a dog's best friend.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

cleanin' and fixin'

we had a busy weekend my peepol and me.
on friday nite we went to megan and beano's house and i helped clean a spot in megan's kitchen. that spot tasted reely good.

next i had to help lindsay fix the bathtub. there wuz water coming out where the peepol didnt want water to come out. if you ask me i wud say that there shud be no water in the bathtub at all becuz then they cuddnt give me baths but of corse nobody ever asks ivy.

then randy fixed the noizy lawn eater. i didnt help becuz i didnt want that evil beast to be fixed but randy did it anyway. oh well. he said it needed a new sparky pug but i didnt see any new pugs around at all so maybe randy didnt know wut he wuz talking about.

after that i had to help randy with the car. this is one thing i definately wanted fixed becuz i love to go for rides in the car! i did a good job helping randy with the car and we made it a little less noizy when we go for rides in it.

this morning randy took me for a walk on the leash while lindsay got some more sleep. i chased some skwerrls and left pee mail for all my neighbors.

after all that hard work im going to need a week of sleep to recover!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

do you look like your peepol?

my peepol found some funny photo contests for dogs and theyr peepol who look like each other:
instead of calling it do you look like your dog i think they should get all the online dogs to submit picktures by calling it do you look like your peepol.

we also dug up some more blatant websites that are part of the evil skwerrel conspiracy:


apparently these evil rodents have a more sofistickated communication network than i thot. not only do i haf to watch the backyard but now i haf to keep an eye on the internet too. *sigh* a dogs work day never ends. be vigilent my friends and dont let the skwerrels catch you napping.

Friday, June 09, 2006

the lickerish made me do it

i love lickerish. i reely reely love lickerish. so wen i found a little box on the coffee table that smelled like lickerish i just had to see wut wuz inside.
but the peepol were not so understanding wen they got home and found little pieces of lickerish box all over the floor.

i hate being in trubble.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the best nuts ever

my peepol brot this reely good smelling can home with them from hewstin
they said it had nuts in it but i dont think so. i haf smelled and tasted nuts before and they didnt ever smell as good as these things did. the peepol must have thot they were reely good too becuz they ate the whole can of them rite away and then we went for a ride in the car to find more, but the store here didnt have them and it made my peepol so sad.

unfortunately they didnt share any of them with me so i totally missed out. thee peepol said it wuznt good for dogs but i think they just wanted them all for themselves.

if anybody out there has some of these things they want to share they can send them to me. just dont tell my peepol. Posted by Picasa

Peepol are home!

sorry i haf not been posting to my blog lately but i haf been so buzy in my backyard chasing off all the skwerrls and rabbits that moved in whyle i wuz gone to the doggie day spa.

last week my peepol took me to the day spa with all the other dogs and we barked and barked and barked for four sleeps and five brekfests before randy came to pick me up. wen we got back home i found all kinds of rabbits and skwerrls had moved in to my backyard!! i wuz all tired out from barking with my friends but i had to run around all the rest of the day to chase off the invaders.

wen i finally got to talk to my peepol they told me that the nice lady i met last week named carrie is now my aunt carrie becuz she married uncle joel! how cool is that?

i also got to play my favorite game with the peepol. the game is called skare me and i run! i love to play that game.

i am so happy to haf my peepol home again. i am most happy to sleep on theyr bed when they arent looking. those beds at the doggie day spa are just not the same.