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Sunday, June 11, 2006

cleanin' and fixin'

we had a busy weekend my peepol and me.
on friday nite we went to megan and beano's house and i helped clean a spot in megan's kitchen. that spot tasted reely good.

next i had to help lindsay fix the bathtub. there wuz water coming out where the peepol didnt want water to come out. if you ask me i wud say that there shud be no water in the bathtub at all becuz then they cuddnt give me baths but of corse nobody ever asks ivy.

then randy fixed the noizy lawn eater. i didnt help becuz i didnt want that evil beast to be fixed but randy did it anyway. oh well. he said it needed a new sparky pug but i didnt see any new pugs around at all so maybe randy didnt know wut he wuz talking about.

after that i had to help randy with the car. this is one thing i definately wanted fixed becuz i love to go for rides in the car! i did a good job helping randy with the car and we made it a little less noizy when we go for rides in it.

this morning randy took me for a walk on the leash while lindsay got some more sleep. i chased some skwerrls and left pee mail for all my neighbors.

after all that hard work im going to need a week of sleep to recover!


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Raisa Husky said...

Uau! You might be really tired after such a busy weekend. Now you will need all the week to rest and get OK for next weekend ;)
Take care!

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

Very strange. I was busy heppin' my humans too. (See my post today.) Wonder if they are connected or somethin'?

They sure need a lot of hep don't they.

Wish I could have hepped you clean the kitchen. Arf!



At 2:31 PM, Blogger G√ľnter said...

Wow, you really are an exploring dog!! What a busy weekend that must have been :-)

Good that you can help Randy with fixing the car!! I also enjoy driving, even though I have to sit in my cage.. It's a it hot during the summer. My folks have only climate conditioner in one of the cars - no fun driving the other one..


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