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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Suitably Rewarded

 i know that where there are fortune cookies, there must be rice.
mmmmmmmmm.... rice! 


At 5:13 AM, Blogger Spirit said...

I'm jealous! It looks like you get your very own dirty box to dig in. My mom had a big plant on the floor and I dug in the dirt and chewed the plant into itsy bitsy pieces. So she took the dirt bowl away.

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Ivy said...

hey hey spirit! dont be jealous... i am not allowed to dig in the dirty box and it makes me so crazy becuz it is right there on the floor calling to me but i know i'll get in trouble if i dig in that dirt... so i don't do it *sigh*

sometimes it is so hard being a good dog.


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