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Saturday, May 20, 2006

midnite visitors and bugs and CATS!

my peepol have been very lazy about taking picktures so i dont have any to share with you but im gonna write in my blog anyway becuz so much has happened.

on thursday nite we all went to bed just like usual and i wuz just dreaming i wuz chasing the giantest skwerrel ever wen all of a sudden i hear somebody coming in the front door! i jumped right up and sounded the alarm and it took randy FOREVER to get up and we went to the living room to see who wuz there. i kept barking to let them know that a big bad dog wuz in the house so they better run but when we got to the living room i saw it wuznt a cat burgler or a skwerrel or anything evil at all! it wuz uncle joel! and somebody else i never met before! i ran up to joel and he scratched behind my ears just how i like it. then we all went back to sleep.

the next morning i met carrie and she wuz reely nice and she said that they want to get a dog someday but dont have one yet. as the peepol were eating theyr brekfest (have you ever noticed how peepol eat such yummy things for brekfest? i dont think it is fair) a giant flying bug came in and attacked joel! carrie yelled at the bug and joel swatted it and it flew to the floor where i pounced on it! i wuz such a brave dog! i saved uncle joel!

then last night we got in the car to go for a ride to megans house. the peepol got lost and went to the bowling alley instead but we finally got there. my friend anna wuz there and we played with her bouncy ball but she didnt know how to play right. the way you play that game is to bark at the ball and hit it and chase it around. every time i barked at it everybody said "be quiet ivy!" becuz they didnt understand either.

i met megans cat beano and i said "hey hey beano! i'm ivy!" but beano just got reely big and made skary noizes and then i remembered that cats are sharp! so i stayed away.


At 12:54 AM, Blogger calicogeko said...

Thanks for coming over Ivy! I hope you liked the bits of meat that "accidentally" fell on the floor ;) Beano and I had lots of fun...well I did anyway. Beano made sure to move all of her toys back where they belonged after everyone left. Hope you come visit again!

At 9:28 AM, Blogger IndyPindy said...

Good move Ivy - cats are sharp!

Too bad Beano didn't want to be your friend. I love kitties, I have a kitty friend!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger IndyPindy said...

Can I be your Paw Pal too? I linked to your blog from mine!


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