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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Peepol are home!

sorry i haf not been posting to my blog lately but i haf been so buzy in my backyard chasing off all the skwerrls and rabbits that moved in whyle i wuz gone to the doggie day spa.

last week my peepol took me to the day spa with all the other dogs and we barked and barked and barked for four sleeps and five brekfests before randy came to pick me up. wen we got back home i found all kinds of rabbits and skwerrls had moved in to my backyard!! i wuz all tired out from barking with my friends but i had to run around all the rest of the day to chase off the invaders.

wen i finally got to talk to my peepol they told me that the nice lady i met last week named carrie is now my aunt carrie becuz she married uncle joel! how cool is that?

i also got to play my favorite game with the peepol. the game is called skare me and i run! i love to play that game.

i am so happy to haf my peepol home again. i am most happy to sleep on theyr bed when they arent looking. those beds at the doggie day spa are just not the same.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Raisa Husky said...

How much fun! Invite me next time, I love to play that!
You do have a Super Mum!


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