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Monday, May 29, 2006

Mmmmmmm... apple pie!

on memorial day we celebrate and honor all those peepol and dogs who made sacrifices for their country.
we do this of course by making apple pie! i tell you this is my kind of holiday!

in honor of all those dogs who bravely serve their country it was my solumn duty to make sure that the crust was extra tasty. those dogs wud be so proud of me.

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Remember Dogs who Served

my peepol found this story of jake at: http://www.olive-drab.com/od_wardogs_today.php

Jake, the only beagle in the U.S. Air Force K-9 corps, is not famous, but is a typical representative of today's Military Working Dog, unsung heros of operations all over the globe.

Jake did a tour at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, then spent more than six years sniffing for explosives with the 65th Security Forces Squadron at Lajes Field, on the Azores island of Terceira, Portugal. He was due to retire in 2001, but after the terrorist attacks of 11 September the Air Force’s Stop-Loss program — designed to retain experienced people, and dogs — kept him on the job, working 14 hour days on security patrol. He finally retired in October 2002 due to his age, cataracts and hearing loss. Jake’s squadron gave him a retirement ceremony, where he received a certificate for his long service.

thank you, jake, and all dogs who serve us and protect us overseas and at home. we appreciate you!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the exorsizm of emily rose

i watched sum skary stuff on the magic window with my peepol last nite. it wuz a story called the exorsizm of emily rose about a girl who made skary noizes and she had eleven evil cats! in one part of the story the cats came in and they all attacked a priest with theyr sharp claws and made bad, bad, reely bad cat noizes. thats wen i got up and ran over to the magic window to see those cats close up and warn the priest that cats are sharp! look out! but even tho i barked and them they still attacked the priest. it wuz so skary i had to go in another room so i didnt have to look at the evil cats.

that wuz a skary movie and i dont rekamend it for puppies.

very sketchy

wen randy is bored or wen he dozent want to clean up the house he sumtimes draws picktures of me. i am just glad that he uses photos and dozent make me hold so still for so long.

here is wut randy did this morning instead of washing the dishes:

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Suitably Rewarded

 i know that where there are fortune cookies, there must be rice.
mmmmmmmmm.... rice! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy and Peaceful

 this fortune fits me very well. how do those cookies always know?

Monday, May 22, 2006

another dog fortune

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dog Fortunes

my peepol like cookies almost as much as i do. one of theyr favoritest kinds of cookies has a little piece of paper inside with scribbles on it that tell the peepol stuff they already knew about themselves. i will never understand why they bother with the paper when the cookie tastes so good by itself!

randys mom sent a bunch of these funny paper cookies (dipped in chocolate!) for his birthday. now i think that is totally not fair becuz i never get chocolate things unless i am reely sneeky and take them wen nobody is looking.

the peepol decided that the scribbles on the paper in the cookies were most apawpriate for ivy dog, so they gave them to me! what am i supposed to do with paper? i did not understand this one bit. so randy helped me put the paper with picktures of me so i cud understand.

here is the first one:

Saturday, May 20, 2006

midnite visitors and bugs and CATS!

my peepol have been very lazy about taking picktures so i dont have any to share with you but im gonna write in my blog anyway becuz so much has happened.

on thursday nite we all went to bed just like usual and i wuz just dreaming i wuz chasing the giantest skwerrel ever wen all of a sudden i hear somebody coming in the front door! i jumped right up and sounded the alarm and it took randy FOREVER to get up and we went to the living room to see who wuz there. i kept barking to let them know that a big bad dog wuz in the house so they better run but when we got to the living room i saw it wuznt a cat burgler or a skwerrel or anything evil at all! it wuz uncle joel! and somebody else i never met before! i ran up to joel and he scratched behind my ears just how i like it. then we all went back to sleep.

the next morning i met carrie and she wuz reely nice and she said that they want to get a dog someday but dont have one yet. as the peepol were eating theyr brekfest (have you ever noticed how peepol eat such yummy things for brekfest? i dont think it is fair) a giant flying bug came in and attacked joel! carrie yelled at the bug and joel swatted it and it flew to the floor where i pounced on it! i wuz such a brave dog! i saved uncle joel!

then last night we got in the car to go for a ride to megans house. the peepol got lost and went to the bowling alley instead but we finally got there. my friend anna wuz there and we played with her bouncy ball but she didnt know how to play right. the way you play that game is to bark at the ball and hit it and chase it around. every time i barked at it everybody said "be quiet ivy!" becuz they didnt understand either.

i met megans cat beano and i said "hey hey beano! i'm ivy!" but beano just got reely big and made skary noizes and then i remembered that cats are sharp! so i stayed away.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

my randy is back home!

i wish randy wud stop going away to californya and leeving me here! at leest this time he wuz only gone for 4 dinners. he said they dont let dogs in to e3. such diskriminashun!

randy found a shirt that prooves again that skwerrels are evil, even to theyr own kind!

heers a pikture of a giant hedgehog. now i want to know... if they let hedgehogs into e3 then why cant dogs come too? who is going to chase the hedgehogs? *humph!*

i wuz reely reely happy to see randy when he came home and i had so much to tell him about skwerrels i chaseded and smells i sniffed. i told him next time he better take me along so i can take care of those hedgehogs for them.
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

strange peepol behavior

my peepol were acting very strange today. first they broke open the table and made a reely skary noize. they put a big skary looking piece in there to make it a bigger table. very strange.

then they put all my toys in the basket. i tryed to tell them that isnt ware they go. the toys belong on the floor and in the backyard you silly peepol! but the peepol didnt understand at all. i will never understand why it is that we dogs know wut the peepol are saying but the peepol never seem to figure out wut we are saying.

after all my toys were banished then they got out the big carpet-sucking foot-eater of death and made a terrible noize all over my house. i kept a close eye on that monster so it cudnt eat up my feets.
wen all the skary noizes and craziness wuz done then peepol started nocking on my front door! i thot it mite be evil skwerrls so i yelled and told them all to beware cuz there is a big bad dog in this house but wen the door opened it wuznt skwerrls at all. it wuz my favorite peepol friends who give me treats! we were gonna have a big dog party!

the peepol had reely good smelling things to eat. i looked as pretty as i cud but i didnt get any. i did get some cookies for sitting and shaking and jumping but wut i reely wanted wuz wutever wuz in that cup!

my peepol friends played with the red dot for me and i chased it all over the place all nite.

now the peepol are all back out the door and i am so tired that i will sleep very good sleep... and dream of eating the stuff in that cup! mmmmmm!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The most wunderful invenshun EVER!

my peepol are amazing! they put in a little door that is just my size! life is just wunderful!

now i can go in and out and in and out and in and out all day long!

i can peek out to check on the skwerrels before i go to bed and i can run out to chase birds and rabbits and anything that comes in my backyard without even asking the peepol to let me out the window!

the only thing i cant figure out is why the peepol didnt put it in sooner!