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Sunday, July 19, 2009

we LOVE banana pudding pie!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

i luv 'sketti night!

my benjamin is a good sharer...

some for me...

and some for you!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

abandoned again!

my peepol did it to me again yesterday... abandoned me to stay in my house all by myself while they went to haf fun wifout me!

they went to busch gardens and saw a show about wolves. at the end of the show, the newest wolf cub came out with his trainer (a dog!) who is teaching him manners. i thot it was great that the manners the wolf is learning are just wut my peepol are always telling me not to do!

my benjamin had a great time running around and getting wet. i don't understand why he likes it so much... i must not have done a good job of teaching him about what good dog fun is all about.

i am reelly glad that this toy didn't come home with my ben:


my peepol got in reelly late and i got my dinner reelly late and i got in trubble for being too "pushy" about asking for it. this morning wen i spotted an evil skwerrel trying to sneak up on us early in the morning and sounded the alarm, i got in trubble again!! geesh! i can't win.
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Monday, July 06, 2009

berry farm adventure

hey hey dog friends! i know it has been a long time since i blogged... my peepol were gone for three weeks and left me here with my new best friend denise, who gives me hot dogs and loves me forever. i will get to the bottom of why they were gone after i am done looking at the crazy huge pile of pictures they took. but for now let me tell you wut i did yesterday.

we all piled into my dog utility vehicle (yes! i reelly got to go!!) and went a long way to the berry farm. my back seat is so much more crowded with benjamin, his bigger-than-necessary seat, and all his accessories, so i hardly had a place to sit down. i kept trying to sneak into the front, but i got denied every time. geesh!

wen we got out of the car, we hopped into a trailer hooked to a tractor of death! and went for the scariest, bumpiest ride ever! i nearly jumped out of the wagon a few times but i got yanked back by my randy, who was doing a lot of unnecessary complaining: something about his fingers and my collar that i didn't understand.

then my peepol started filling buckets with berries. i tried to eat a few but those branches were too poky!

they were reelly giant berries!

my benjamin apparently has totally gotten over his fear of goats; he let them lick corn and goat food rite out of his hands! it was the most dangerous thing i had ever seen, but my peepol were completely unfazed and even told me to stop whining and yelling about it. gee whiz, peepol! who is going to protect you if not ivy?

the very worstest thing that happened at the berry farm was this picture. i think it needs no explaination: