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Sunday, July 12, 2009

abandoned again!

my peepol did it to me again yesterday... abandoned me to stay in my house all by myself while they went to haf fun wifout me!

they went to busch gardens and saw a show about wolves. at the end of the show, the newest wolf cub came out with his trainer (a dog!) who is teaching him manners. i thot it was great that the manners the wolf is learning are just wut my peepol are always telling me not to do!

my benjamin had a great time running around and getting wet. i don't understand why he likes it so much... i must not have done a good job of teaching him about what good dog fun is all about.

i am reelly glad that this toy didn't come home with my ben:


my peepol got in reelly late and i got my dinner reelly late and i got in trubble for being too "pushy" about asking for it. this morning wen i spotted an evil skwerrel trying to sneak up on us early in the morning and sounded the alarm, i got in trubble again!! geesh! i can't win.
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