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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Benjamin's New Trick!

guess what? my benjamin can do a new trick! he can roll over! he looks very pleased wif himself, too.

of corse, he isn't as good at it as i am... and it took him almost five months to learn that trick but it only took me a couple of days and a couple of pork chops. poor benjamin didn't even get a cookie for all his hard work.

i guess dogs are just smarter than peepols at some things!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

rain and snow

i must haf jinxed it! just as soon as i blogged about my beautiful sunshiney back yard, it started to rain.

and my cousins bruce and lois and bella and scruffy actually got SNOW!

can you believe it? how lucky are they to get snow?? i wish it wuz snowing at my house instead of just raining.
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

happy stick day!

hey hey dog friends! i think spring has sprung in my back yard at long last! the sunshine has been warm and the shade has been cool and the breezes haf been most doglitefully breezy for days and days.

today my randy chased the noisy grass-eater around my yard and it ate up all the grass before he wuz able to stop it. the short grass always makes the birds and the skwerrels very happy for sum reason, so i went out to patrol my yard and make sure those critters know who is boss.

i found a yummy stick to chew on, so i took a break from patrolling to taste its branchy goodness.

then my pink hexapus came to try to steal my stick... but i said no stick for you! and i kept it all to myself

the hexapus left cuz she knew her stick skillz were no match for mine. then i ripped all the bark off the stick just to show any stinky skwerrels who mite be watching wut would happen to them if they dared to show their fluffy tails in my yard today! i think it must haf worked cuz i didnt see any skwerrels at all.

my poor benjamin didnt get any sticks today but it looks like he wuz hafing a good time anyway. some day i will haf to teach him how to skin a stick and keep the backyard safe from invaders. until then i gess i am on my own! it is a tuff job but somedog has to do it!
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stealing from Turbo??

my dog friends, i never thot i wud say this, but i feel sorry that the noisy carpet-eater finally went to the great happy carpet fields in the sky. mostly i am sorry that it made a horrible stinky smell before it died and made my house all smelly!

so yesterday my lindsay came home wif a brand new carpet eater to make my job of covering the house wif hair a whole lot harder!

hmmmmm... smells like a carpet eater....

but wut is this? i see a name i know on the handle!! did my lindsay steal this carpet eater from turbo??

hey turbo! you want it back? you can haf it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sweet spots for sleep

i haf recently discovered that babies are not all bad. they actually come wif some pretty cool stuff like fuzzy toys and reelly soft blankets. i am currently trying to claim this one as my own by sitting on it every chance i get. for some reason my peepol always yell at me wen i do. maybe they are upset becuz it is too small for me and they want me to haf a bigger blanket.

my favoritest place to nap is my dog couch. i haf it all furry so much that my peepol dont like to sit on it so it is all mine.

*sigh* i luv you, dog couch!
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