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Sunday, October 08, 2006

sunday morning patrol

this morning me and my randy went patrolling around my neighborhood. we didnt see nearly as many exciting things as the army of four did on theyr patrol. but we did see a cat sniper hiding out in the bushes!

i stared him down and told him not to cause any trubble on my street. he said nothing but i think he got the message.

then we saw an evil skwerrel who ran across the street rite in front of me! he got up on a fence and yelled at me as if i were the evil invader!! the nerve of that skwerrel!

then we met a friendly brown and white guy who wuz taller than me. he decided to join us for part of our patrol but after a few houses he got tired and went home. wut a slacker!

i finished my patrol and reported back to lindsay that the neighborhood is once again safe. my peepol sher are lucky to haf me around to take care of them!


At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the brown/white guy is a slacker .. he is probably a security dog and once you were safely past HIS house he went back home to guard his property. Besides, he knew that YOU were doing a great job of patrolling!

At 7:54 PM, Blogger JustMeCopper said...

Great pictures Ivy. The one of the cat is cool. Your peepol are lucky to have you watching out for them.

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Akira and Shiro said...

dear ivy,
good job protecting the neighborhood! got to keep it in tip-top shape! i try to expand my regular patrol daily.


At 8:56 PM, Blogger hershey the doglet said...

your parents must be proud that you are such a good neighborhood watchdog!

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Sam I Am said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Sam I Am said...

"motivation mode" Your a pack leader and it's our job to protect!You know Ivy our funny humans have a orange light stuck on their car when they go on a Neighborhood watch ..Maybe you should get one to wear around your neck.Show then wwhhooss Bosss Watch out for those wicked cats .woof-woof
Lot's of Lick's

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Cubby said...

I saw a squirrel today too! Good patrolling!

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Sunshade said...

Hey Ivy, please come check out my blog and give me some tips...you seem like an expert at the matter...

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Hi Ivy, I'm sure you are doing a great job patrolling your neigbourhood!

At 9:51 AM, Blogger The Army of Four said...

SNIPER CAT!!!!!!!! Good thing you spotted him, Ivy! You're really good at your patrol!
How come the brown and white doggie didn't have his bipeds on a leash? Hope he wasn't scared out there on his own.
Great job on Neighborhood Watch!
Tail wags!
The Ao4

At 6:32 PM, Blogger hana said...

Ivy, do your humans have a sign on your house saying "patrolled by Ivy." If not, then they should put up one!

By the way, I know an eskie who caught an evil squirrel on his very first squirrel hunt. Here are some pics of the capture: http://www.eskie.net/forum/aed/thread.php?threadid=7226&boardid=17&styleid=1&sid=a53678c8b62d0735fce3da321ac17a2b

At 6:35 PM, Blogger Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You've gotta watch those kitties, they pretend they understand then - boom - back to sniping!

Bussie Kissies

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Ivy said...

hey hey hana! i haf a skwerrel stump just like that one!! only mine is a little more worn around the edges becuz sumdoggy i know likes to chew up my toys! i wuddnt mention any names but her initials are a.b.b.y. d.o.g.!

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Ivy said...

sam! i luv your idea! now ware can i get myself a big orange lite?

At 9:34 PM, Blogger IndyPindy said...

Awww, he does look friendly!

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Dachsies Rule said...


You are such a good patrol dog. We don't get to patrol enough but we keep a eye on our yard. We have evil squirrels all the time. After all the things you have told us, we make sure to really watch them.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Toby said...

The nerve of that squirrel!! The next time you see him, make sure you tell him that you are the boss!

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Minou said...

I hate squirrels too. I hate squirrels more then rain. I won't go poop in the rain but if Mommy says 'squirrel' I will go running outside in the pouring rain just to get them.


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