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Sunday, August 20, 2006

happy rejoiceful peepol

my peepol were very happy tonite. they jumpeded up and down and did a lot of happy dances. i dont reely unnerstand why they were so happy wen my kichen is still a mess but at leest there arent any more big boxes to get in my way!


At 10:48 PM, Blogger JustMeCopper said...

Very pretty kitchen!!! ...and Mommy is super woman.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Ivy said...

hmmmmm... you must think like the peepol. they think it is a pretty kichen too but i say "ware's all the food? how can it be pretty without food?"

At 7:37 PM, Blogger hershey the doglet said...

ivy, my mom says your kitchen is very pretty! she (i mean you) will enjoy making grilled pizza in your new kitchen!

At 9:50 PM, Blogger JustMeCopper said...

Ivy tell your Lindsey that my Mommy especially likes the light fixtures.


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