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Friday, August 18, 2006

my five confesshuns of wierdness

ok ok so i think i must be the last dog blogger on the internet to fess up to my five wierd things. in case you haf been sleeping under a bed for the past cupple of weeks and dont no wut i am woofing about you can read the confesshuns of tubey, mary-margaret, opy, sammy, roxie, or cairo.

the funniest wun i read wuz from scuba but wach out for the evil pop-ups that appear on scubas blog faster than you can bite them off your skreen! maybe if we all tell him we dont like the stupid ads he will take them off.

so now i haf to confess my wierd goofiness too. *sigh* here goes:

  1. i love tubes. no i dont meen tubey tho i like him too... i meen the kind of tubes that water goes into and comes outta wen it rains. the bigger the tube the better! wen i go for walks-on-the-leesh and i see a tube we all haf to stop so i can smell it. if it is big enuf i also haf to go inside it. my peepol haf been drug down tubes on the other end of my leesh a cupple of timez.

  2. wenever i see whitewater i haf to bite it. i dont no why but sumthing about fast movin' water with white caps just makes me haf to dive rite in and bite it. if the water is comin out of a tube that is even better! my peepol think this is very funny and they even took videos to laugh at me.

  3. i absolutely will not walk on metal grates. those things are death traps for sure! if i am on a walk-on-the-leesh and we come to a deadly metal grate, i will run around it or jump over it. if i cant get around it i will stop dead in my tracks and let my peepol pull my jingle necklace off of neck with the leesh. i am way too young and cute to die!

  4. i haf never ackshully cot a skwerrel. i chase them all the time whyle all the ghosts of my keeshond ancestors in my blood yell at me to kill it but i just never seem to run fast enuf. it makes me wunder if i cud reelly kill a skwerrel if i ever cot it. i no i am supposed to but i dont think i wud like it.

  5. my last wierd thing is that i haf a blog. yeah yeah i no that all of you dogs reeding this probly haf blogs too but there reelly arent that many of us. wen i meet other dogs on my street i always ask them if they haf a blog so i can sniff it online but most of them haf never even heard of a blog. sumtimez they think i asked if they haf a dog and they get reelly confuzed and tip theyr heads at me and i just say forget it and move on. dogs with blogs are wierd!

ok so there you haf it. i cud only find one other dog who hazzent done this yet so i tag cal the wonderdog!

i cant wait to sniff wut cal confesses!


At 7:18 PM, Blogger hana said...

Hi Ivy, thanks for checking out my brand new blog! I am checking out yours now. Wow, rats, eh? They are evil! Glad you got rid of their old houses.

Wanna hear something funny. My friend took her car in because there were weird noises coming from the dashboard. Turns out, the technicians found a mouse house behind the glove compartment. There were cookies in their house!

As for the weird things that you do, hee hee, my mom does one of those things too. She doesn't like to walk on those metal things. She goes around them, just like you.

I am going to link to your blog. You crack me up!

At 9:42 PM, Blogger JustMeCopper said...

Ivy, I absolutely love reading your blog. Your vidoes are fun.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Ivy said...

hey hey copper! i am glad you like my videos. i love to wach all the funny dog videos on google video, like faith and the dog who can skatebord

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Ivy said...

hana! welcome to the dog blogs! i am glad you are joining the pack online!

wow! mouses living in the glove compartment?? i guess mouses like to go for rides-in-the-car too!

good thing your mom is smart enuf to avoid those metal things. they are waaaay skary!

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Dachsies Rule said...


We thought you didn't tell any weird stuff about yourself because nothing was weird! We are so surprised to find out any weirdness about you. But one thing you can take from us, if you ever caught a squirrel, you would kill it. We did when we caught ours. But there were four of us on the hunt. You might not be able to catch a squirrel all by yourself. If you want, we can come over and help you! Mom can drive while we rest up for the hunt. She says Virginia is far away from our house.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy


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