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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

new peepol fernicher

my peepol are so crazy that they thot they needed new stuff for our sleep room.

so they went to ikea to trade their greenies for new stuff.

in kase anydog dozent know about ikea it is a giant underground car parking lot ware dogs wait in the shade for their peepol to bring giant big boxes to them that take up all the dog space in the car. yeah... pretty pointless.

here is my new bed with randy and me holding it down.

here is the peek holes with lindsay and me trying them out. we can stay safe on the bed wile we spy on the hallway to wach for evil skwerrels.

after all the noizy banging and putting together of the bed and the hard work of supervizing the peepol i reely needed a frosty paws to cool off. mmmmmmm... i love frosty paws!!


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