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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Skwerrels with Laser-Guided Missles!

The Skwerrels almost got my peepol today. they were really really sneeky and they were gonna blow up the peepol house! even worse, they were gonna blow up the house with my dogfood inside! those sneeky skwerrels got laser-guided missles, probably from the black flea market, and they were aiming them right at my living room.

but aha! oho! the skwerrels didnt reckon that ivy dog was on duty! i saw their sneeky little red dot aimed on my floor and i knew what waz up. i acted very calm so the peepol didnt panick and then as fast as a lightning bolt i pounced on that dot! i pounced it and i bit it and i disrupted that skwerrel laser so they couldnt fire their missles and blow up the dogfood... i mean the peepol house. not that the peepol need much help destroying their house -- they do a good job of that without any skwerrel help. but i saved the day anyway.

dont worry peepol: ivy dog wont let the skwerrels blow up the house. those skwerrels will have to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on ivy dog.


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