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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My peepol are CRAZY!

you wont believe what my peepol did yesterday. i didnt do anything wrong at all and all of a sudden for no reason at all they get out all the skary tools and start tearing my house apart! see i told you that you wouldnt believe it!

they banged on the wall with loud hammers and made awful noizes with the sawzall and ripped and cut and made stinky dust and put pieces of house all over on the floor so i didnt no ware to hide so i told the peepol heyheyhey let me outside peepol! and the peepol opened the window and i flew out and it was ok out there. even outside i heared the hammers and the sawzall a little bit becuz they were so loud.

the peepol found a mouse in the wall when they took it apart. they knew it was dead becuz it didnt run away when they found it. sometimes a mice dozent run away becuz it is skared, but this one waz just dead. i wanted to eat it but the peepol said no-no-NO! and out the window i went again. that was ok becuz it was kinda stinky anyway. randy took a picture of the mouse but lindsay wont let him put it on my blog so if you want to see it just send me an email and i can send it to you in case you like dead mice.

the peepol tell me not to worry becuz they are making my house better, but you know what i think? i think the peepol are just making my house noizier! if anyone with a quiet house is looking for a very good dog who dozent eat much and is very quiet and nice, let me know!


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