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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


the peepol were puttin the clothz in the bags and puttin the bags in the car and i cud tell they were goin away and i thot i wud stay in my backyard but they said to me "do you wanna go for a ride?" and "your goin to the doggie day spa" and i didnt no wat that meens but i like to ride so i jumpd in.

and then and THEN we get out of the car and i go in the big wite room that smells like a lot of dogz all at the same time and a lot of other things i dont no them all and the peepol were gon and the ladys took me back to the dog room with SO MANY dogz and we all said heyheyhey who are you and i said heyheyhey im ivy and they just kept saying heyhey every time somebody moved and it was CRAZY!

but then the ladys brot the dogfood for dinner and we all said heyhey thats my dinner! the ladys brot enuf for evrybody and we all ate and then it was reel quiet for a moment but as soon as dinner was gon then sombody said hey the dogfood for dinner is gon and we all started saying heyheyhey again!

after som more dinners and brekfests my peepol came back and said hi ivy and i said where were you and they said did you miss us and i said yesyesyesYESYES! and they put me in the car and we went home to my backyard and i sqeeked my bear and it was the best squeek ever.


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Turbo the Sibe said...

This is the best post ever! EVER!!!!


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