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Saturday, January 21, 2006

I found stuff today

today me and abby and my peepol and abbys peepol went in the car and we drove around all over the place and the best part was that we kept stopping and going for WALKS! the peepol called it geocaching but i knew it was WALKS!

every place we walked we looked all around and looked and looked until we found something and the peepol were very happy to find the things but abby and me are always happy to find things on the ground so it was good to see the peepol understand it and be happy too.

wen we found the things the peepol took things out and put other things in and at first i said heyheyhey thats my stuff your putting in there but then they took out a little stuffed dog and a fish that puffs air wen i bite it and i said ok ok i gess you can do that if i can keep the dog and fish. the fish doesnt skweek but the dog is soft and i like him.

we walked in the park and in back of a store and in the woods and abby pooped in the woods and i even pooped in the woods it was so much fun!

the peepol got tired of walking after a wile and abby and me wanted to keep walking but they didnt so we all got in the car again and came home, wich was ok becuz the peepol made peetza and i got some cheez and it was very good cheez.

the peepol said it was fun and they want to go geocaching again soon.

I found the cache!

abby finds a cache

i am the best driver ever.


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