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Thursday, April 06, 2006

no sit-ups!

my peepol do sit-ups. all the time they are doing these sit-ups. they hold each others feets and they sit up over and over and they say *ugh* and *ouchie* and *ooo*.

those crazy peepol. why do they do this? they say it is good for them, but i no better.

yes, i have a better exersize than sit-ups. a MUCH better exersize! i call my exersize lay-downs. i practice them every day. i lay down in the living room, and i lay down in the hall. wen the peepol are cooking, i lay down in the kichen. i lay down in my backyard under the skwerrel tree. my favorite lay-down is wen i lay down on the peepol bed and put my head on the pillows (ssssh! dont tell my peepol!)

wen i do my lay-downs, i never say *ugh* and *ouchie*. sometimes i do say *mmmmm* becuz it feels so good. i haf never herd the peepol say that theyr sit-ups feel so good!

sometimes wen the peepol are doing theyr sit-ups, i go in and lay down next to them, just to show them wut they are missing. i show them how lay-downs are better than sit-ups, but they never seem to catch on.

oh well. i always knew that dogs were smarter than peepol. this is just one more proof that i am rite.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger Turbo the Sibe said...

Humans waste too much energy doing stupid things!


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