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Friday, February 24, 2006

Skwerrel Sabotoge

last nite the skwerrels struck!

wen the peepol came home, they said "hey, is it cold in here?" and i said "it has been getting colder in here all day!" but of corse they didnt understand. they looked at the funny box on the wall and asked it "how come it is cold in here?" but the box didnt say anything. silly peepol, i cud have told them that box never says anything.

so they kept messing with the box and talking nonsense for a bit and finally they decided it wasnt going to do anything. randy and i went to the garage and he flipped the big black lightswitch back and forth and it made the most terrible sound. it didnt turn on any lights that i cud see. maybe it turned on a black light, i dont know. all i know is it made a big skary sound and i didnt like it.

so we went back in the house and it was still cold. i cud have told them that the black lightswitch waznt the problem, the problem was the sabotoging skwerrels! but nobody ever listens to ivy. randy poked at it with wires and said it was dead.

we all got in the car and we went to the store. you know, the big store with the field that has rabbits. of course, they parked the car way too far away from the field so i cudnt see any rabbits at all. silly peepol dont know how to pick a parking spot. they came back a little bit later with a new box that smelled like lots of different peepol.

we went home and they got out a little thing from the box that smelled reel funny and made a strange noize, but i didnt even care about the noize becuz it breathed out hot air! hurray for the box! hurray for the peepol!

then me and randy went in the backyard. finally he was on the right track, cuz thats ware the skwerrels are. i ran around and around and kept all the skwerrels out and randy messed with the big metal box that makes skary sounds. it was so much fun becuz it was waaaay past my bedtime and i got to run around the backyard.

we went back in and randy flipped the big black lightswitch again and the house started getting warm again! the holes in the floor breathed hot air and everybody said HURRAY! and then we all went to bed.

rotten skwerrels cant freez us out of OUR house.


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