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Monday, February 13, 2006

how to be a "good" dog

this is a book of horror. HORROR, i tell you. it is a story about a poor repressed dog suffering under the most brutal opression of a cat. the cat does everything it can to make the poor dog look bad, and the peepol just side with the cat! HORROR! wen the cat takes on the task of "teaching" the dog to "be good" it is just an excuse for torture of the worst kind. ware is the SPCA? ware is the PETA special forces? ware is the FBI? it gets so bad i just cant go on deeskribing it.

worst of all this book is marketed at children. innocent, impressionable kids everyware will read this book and be brainwashed with cat-loving thots forever. they will be scarred for life! just wait and see, wen all thoz kids grow up i bet you will see the dog vurses cat popularity numbers shift more to the dark side. it is early brainwashing i tell you.

it just makes me shudder to think about it.


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