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Thursday, February 16, 2006

poor snow peepol!


At 7:07 PM, Blogger Freda said...

Hey Ivy,

That was quick! I bet all your chasin' around after those wicked squirrels caused the atmosphere to heat up more quickly. The 'Ivyian Motion' theory versus the Brownian Motion theory, and the snow humans disappeared. (http://xanadu.math.utah.edu/

I bet they come back though. Do they go underground? Remember the Mole People! I'd keep your eyes and nose pointed outside. If they come back you can alert your humans. Do those snow people like squirrels?

And thanks for the info about the book The Quest. I knew some one out there in the big ether could help us out. Will be interestin' to see what happens at B&N. If my secretary happens upon the book he may glance at a copy to see what the tiff is all about.

May I add you to my list of 'Paw Pals' on my blog?



At 9:32 PM, Blogger Ivy said...

Hey hey Freda,

it was sad that the snow peepol went away, but they left their big arm sticks behind and me and my friend sandy took them and ran and ran and ran with them and it was so much fun! i dont no about atmosfeers heatin up but running is reel fun!

my peepol got so curious about the silly book that they called the big river peepol and confused the poor guy who answered the phone becuz he said nobody ever asked him about a book that they used to have but dont anymore.


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