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Monday, February 20, 2006

I got LUNCH!

i cud hardly beleev my ears wen he said it: "ivy, do you want dogfood for lunch?" he said.

every day, i get dogfood for brekfest wen the peepol eat brekfest, and i get dogfood for dinner wen the peepol eat dinner. but in between brekfest and dinner every day, my peepol eat lunch. now dozent it seem fair to you that if the peepol eat lunch, then ivy shud eat lunch, too? yes of corse it does. it seems fair becuz it IS fair! dogz shud eat lunch, too!

so every day i tell those peepol, i say "hey hey hey! you peepol are eating lunch and it smells so good. ivy shud eat lunch, too!" but the peepol just look at me in that funny way they do, like they are trying reel hard to understand me, and they say "silly ivy, dogs dont get lunch." wen they say that, i give them my best sad dog eyes and make a big sad dog sigh, but they never seem to care.

but today, today my peepol finally said wut i haf been waiting for them to say for so long. finally randy looked right at me and said "ivy, do you want dogfood for lunch?" i raced to the dogfood bowl and sat right down, i was such a good girl. randy came over and opened the magic bin and scooped dogfood right into my bowl. i wuz so happy! they finally heard me! they finally saw things my way! i was a brekfast-lunch-dinner-eating dog! o happy day!

i wuz crunching so loud that i almost didnt hear him say "we are going to be out late, so today you get lunch instead of dinner."

oh, well. wen i am dog prezident, all dogs will eat lunch and peepol will just get brekfest and dinner. yeah.


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